May 31, 2009

UK police spent 8 million pound sterling over LTTE demonstrations outside the UK Parliament

UK LTTE supported Tamils demonstrations for last 1 1/2 months caused to pull almost 8 million sterling pounds, said Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson.

Demonstration caused to police force was extraordinarily stretched. "we have to provide such a level of resources that it is reducing policing on the streets of London" he added.

LTTE supported Tamils backed by several UK MP's , protesting outside the UK Westminster Parliament complex during 44 days to now. UK public accused that they are using flags and slogans of banned terrorist organization of the LTTE. Protest also violates the UK Anti Terrorism laws.
LTTE supporters also taking over the public streets around the Big Ben and parliament causing too much noise and traffic blockades.

In some occasions the demonstrators had made uninvited visits to the Indian High Commission in Holborn and protested there. In one occasion they have pelted stones and managed to break the bullet proof windows of the Indian High commission. Sri Lankan embassy has also faced Similar incidents in several times.

few days ago some MP's of the Parliament said that, LTTE protesters were losing the opportunity of other protesting groups of the UK to protest around the Parliament. They also said that honorable speaker should take measures to stop the illicit demonstrations of LTTE.


mission valley said...'s really shocking.

Anonymous said...

Why police not removing them from the square ?
I'm a Londoner and the useless protest makes our lives havoc.
Why people not understands the truth ?

Majid Ali said...

In fact, he is the first Latino ever to win this prestigious need an essay first-book award.

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