Jul 30, 2008

Chennai Police arrested pro LTTE cadre - India

The 'Q' branch Police yesterday (July 30) arrested a Sri Lankan Tamil ( Thambi Annan alias Daniel ) resident of Kilinochchi, alleged for procuring major consignments including explosive substances for the LTTE (liberation tigers af tamil eelam )

Following specific information given by the State Intelligence, Chennai Police stating the importance of the catch said that the suspect has been heading the procuring arm of the outfit and had played an instrumental role in smuggling warlike items, explosives from India and other parts of the world to the LTTE.

"He was involved in the attempts to smuggle consignments of aluminium ingots and ball bearings, which were intercepted and seized by the Police in Ramanathapuram and Madurai districts in the recent months", the Chennai Police Chief was quoted.

LTTE is an internationally banned ruthless terrorist outfit that has been fighting for a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. During its 3 decades of existence the outfit has pioneered a large number of terror tactics particularly in the field of suicide bombing, that have been soon copied by the other terror organizations in the world.

Thendral TV from pro LTTE patron in Englnd

LTTE supporter in London ( Nalliah Sivanathanhas ) commenced a new television service called Thendral TV.
The theme of the threndal tv is "Tamil nadu on air". However the hidden objective is to give the political and financial support to the LTTE.

Recently LTTE's attempts to telecast a their own television channel in Europe has blocked in the region. And also all other television channels they started on France, Italy, Singapore and Israel has stopped by those countries, after being considering requests done by anti terrorism organizations in those countries.

Threndal TV's One of the main intention is to get attention of Tamil nadu in India.
by telecasting popular Tamil programs. But they will gradually move to broadcast LTTE related materials from the Threndal.

Jul 29, 2008

LTTE violates it's own so called ceasefire

launches artillery attacks at Jaffna FDL

Military reports received form Muhamalai Forward Defence (FDL) indicate that LTTE terrorist have launched artillery attack at troops manning the area this morning (July 29).

Military spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said that the terrorist have fired about 10 rounds of heavy artillery at troops between 6 to 6.30AM . Two soldiers have sustained injuries due to the attack, he further said. He added that terrorist have used their guns located in the Poonaryn area for the attack.

LTTE recently announced through its media network that it would maintain a unilateral ceasefire since July 27 in view of the SAARC summit which is currently being held in Sri Lanka. However , observers of LTTE activities raised doubts about LTTE's intentions over this sudden decision. The government maintained that it would only go for a ceasefire when the LTEE have laid down their arms. According to observers, the latest attack has substantiated their doubts about the integrity of the LTTE.


Jul 28, 2008

Massive protests against LTTE in UK, London

Thousands of Sri Lankan tamils and sinhala community live in England gathered in front of British Prime minister's official residence in London to protest against the LTTE terrorism on last Sunday, July 27.

The demonstration titled "Let's All Unite as Sri Lankans to Defeat Terrorism in Our Motherland!" requesting the British Government to take tight action against all pro-LTTE activities in UK.

The organizers have received a great response from the Sri Lankan community in the UK.
(still England was unable to stop LTTE's fund raising and smuggling activities in UK.Even Some of the parliament members of England openly supports for LTTE's terrorism)

During the protest, a dossier was also handed over to the officials of the Prime Minister's Office.The Sunday's mass protest rally in London, was organised by 'Sri Lankans against Terrorism' (SLAT-UK), an organization of United Kingdom based Sri Lankan expatriates.

Jul 27, 2008

Anti LTTE rally in Paris under the footsteps of Eiffle Tower

More than thousand Sri Lankans and their French friends gathered at Trocadero, the most significant landmark of Paris under the footsteps of Eiffle Tower to protest against terrorist attacks unleashed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The demonstrators, carrying photographs of the victims of the most brutal killings of innocent civilians by the Tamil Tigers urged the French and European Union to immediately ban the front organizations LTTE such as WTM, ORT (TRO of France), Tamil Sangham and other Tamil Eelam associations.

They urged the French President Sarkosy, who is the current President of the European Union to take effective actions to stop ransom collections, money laundering, intimidation and harassment of innocent Tamils in France by the LTTE and its Mafia Gangs like Miinel, VVT Boys and Pambu.

The demonstration was organized jointly by United Sri Lankans comprising && Sri Lankan associations and several political party branches in France. A large number of second generation Sri Lankans under a banner of Sri Lankan Youths in France were the most vociferous amongst the demonstrators. Sinhalese and Muslims several members of democratic Tamil political parties also took part in the demonstration.

The demonstrators distributed leaflets describing the true terror nature of the LTTE to thousands of French nationals and tourists from all over the globe visiting the magnificent Parisian destination, the Eiffle Tower.

from Asian Tribune.

SAARC summit commenced in Srilanka, Colombo

SAARC summit in Sri Lanka senior foreign ministry officials and Foreign Ministers of member countries met today at the BMICH to start the 28th programming committee meeting.

Theme of this summit
"Partnership of Our People" and gathered 8 member countries to focusing on the elimination of terrorism, poverty, energy crisis and climate change in the backdrop of regional cooperation.
During the meetings the SAARC officials were involved in making the necessary preparations for the main SAARC summit.

Meanwhile the SAARC commuter transport summit has commenced at the Mount Lavinia Hotel and a number of SAARC officials attended in conference.
Eight hundred houses, which were constructed by the government under the SAARC Friend Ship Village concept, were donated to people of the Nawalapitiya area on Sunday.
Another 800 houses would be constructed in Nawalapitiya under this scheme.

Jul 26, 2008

Anti-LTTE rallies in Berlin and finland

Sri Lankans living in Finland have gathered yesterday in Helsinki to take part in a demonstration against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) terrorist activities in Sri Lanka.
The demonstration was held for 2 hours in Helsinki city centre in front of the Finish Parliament with a strong participation of peace loving Sri Lankans and Finns alike.
The demonstrators exhibited photographs showing destructions, killings and maiming carried out by the LTTE in the ongoing civil war. They also distributed leaflets sending the message to proscribe LTTE’s front organization Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) and raising awareness among the Finnish public.

On the other hand Sri Lankans in Germany and all who reject LTTE terrorism held a demonstration today in Berlin to protest against the LTTE intimidation of Tamils living in Germany, Germany's failure to ban the LTTE as a terrorist organisation and the recruitment of child soldiers.

"Sri Lankans Against LTTE Terror - Germany" urges the Federal Government and the Interior Minister to identify and ban the LTTE as a terrorist organisation in Germany.

Numerous front organisations such as Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), Tamil Coordination Committee (TCC), and Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) etc., which support the LTTE must also be included in this ban, they said.

Blast in India Kills 30 over 100 wounded

30 killed and more than 100 wounded in nearly 20 blasts at Saturday night in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.
A little-known Islamist group calling itself the "Indian Mujahedeen" had claimed responsibility of this attack.

One explosion was at a bus stop, others at a railway station and on a bus. Another bomb was under a car at a hospital where injured people were being takensources said.
The blasts began about 6:30 p.m. and lasted until about 7:40 p.m.
Indian police spokesman said 29 bodies had been recovered and more than 100 people admitted to hospital. Many were hit by flying nuts, bolts and ball bearings packed into the bombs that were clearly designed to cause maximum casualties.

Ahmedabad is the communally-sensitive capital of the opposition Hindu nationalist-ruled state of Gujarat, where thousands were killed in Hindu attacks against Muslims in 2002.

India had sounded a nationwide alert on Friday after a series of eight low-intensity bombs went off in IT capital Bangalore and left one dead and seven wounded.

Jul 22, 2008

22 LTTE black tigers killed in air raid - Mullaittiuvu

22 LTTE suicide bombers (Black Tigers ) were killed in the air raid carried out this morning (July 22) at the Uddayarkattukulam LTTE camp.
The group of the slain LTTE cadres had been engaged in a rehearsal of a major suicide operation at the time of the air raid.
Air Force fighter jets launched an air strike targeting pre identified LTTE special operation training facility located Northeast of Uddayarkattukulam in the Mullaittiuvu district around 8.15a.m.

LTTE has been using brainwashed youth, mostly women and teenagers to commit suicide as human bombs.

LTTE declared a 10-day unilateral cease-fire

LTTE has announced a 10 day ceasefire on Tuesday 22 July.
Norwegian Government formally informed Sri Lanka of the LTTE's declaration of a unilateral ceasefire and Sri Lanka Government rejected the ceasefire offer by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam).

"We have experienced the LTTE's cease fire offers earlier, which were used to regroup and rearm, creating greater havoc than before," says Srilanka gov.
Government also says they will agree to continue talks if the LTTE agrres to disarm and they must show a high commitment to peace.

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said the government does not response to this offer. He said a number of local and international allies try to stop operations against the rebels.
"At present government is defeating the terrorists .We never stop these operations"

Rebels said the they would refrain from military action during the 15th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) conference but warned they would be forced to take "defensive action" if the island's military carried out any offensives against them.

Jul 21, 2008

Common currency to use within SAARC region

Srilankan Foreign minister Mr. Rohitha bogollagama says that it's important to highlight the need for a common currency to use within the SAARC region (south asia).
Currently all transactions within soth asia are done via the 'American Dollar exchange center' and it's an additional cost to our business operations.
Srilanka President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha has also emphasized the need for a common currency,
bogollagama said during a press meeting July 20, Colombo.

2008 SAARC summit is to be held in Sri Lanka 27 July - 3 August 2008 under the theme 'Partnerships for Our People'.
The council is scheduled to be held on 31 July and 1 August in Colombo between the Foreign Ministers of the member countries.

Other topics to be discussed at the summit, prominence will be given to the Combating Terrorism, Climate Change, Food Crisis, and Poverty Alleviation.

Seven observer nations including the European Union, United States, Japan, South Korea, Mauritius and Iran will also be present at the council. Inline with the summit, other events such as a cultural festival, a film festival, a trade fair, a fashion show, a food exhibition, and other events are also being organized in this week.

Sri Lanka of spending nearly three billion rupees on the SAARC summit in times of economic hardship.

LTTE has lost another strategically important location | Illuppaikkadavai

Troops of Task Force 1 and Commando brigade captured the remote town situated 12 km North of Vidattaltivu, Illuppaikkadavai , by last night and entered the town this morning.

And Sri Lanka army has declared Iluppaikkadavai town liberated ending 21 years of terror rule of LTTE.

Troops have also captured the largest LTTE base situated on Northwestern coast. This base was not a Sea Tiger base but used for other terror and smuggle activities in the area during last 2 decades.

Troops of Task Force 1 has already marched about 2 Km North of Illuppaikkadavai town . At least 15 LTTE cadres were killed during the battle ensued during last 48 hours in the area, and 13 security persons are injured. sources said.

Jul 17, 2008

Mervin Silva going to protect journalists

Mervin silvaA one of the popular srilanka parliament minister Mervin Silva is now making plans to protect journalists in srilanka.
What he attempts to present is an Insurance scheme for the security of journalists.
"This would protect the journalists and the media freedom of the country, he said at a press briefing held in Colombo
Some journalists were attacked by certain groups. He stressed that the government is committed to safe guard the media freedom. But certain unidentified groups are trying to violate the media freedom' he addded.
At the media conference he emphasized the recent attack to the ITN (independent Television Network of Srilanka) journalists.Mervin silva at rupawahini
He also remembered that several private media institutions operated in locally and globally always criticizing his activities.
But we know the bitter history of minister Mervin Silva.
He always speaks at public places as a lion and he also believes that his ancestors are came from 'King Dutugamunu'
He was the first member of parliament which gots a doctorate for nothing.(probably using his money)

Srilanka ARMY Liberated Vedittalativu

soldiers of Army 58 Division and Commando Brigade have liberated the strategically important Vidattaltivu town yesterday morning (July 16), said the defence sources in the Mannar warfront.

LTTE had lost its biggest Sea Tiger base in the Western coast.
Vidattaltivu is the biggest town situated on the North- Western coast of the Island, 20 km North of Mannar and is the main Sea-Tiger base cum the logistic hub of the LTTE in the West.

This is the first time after the departure of Indian Peace Keeping Force in 1990 that troops have dominated the area , the sources added.
troops are now advancing towards Illuppakadavai, the next Sea Tiger base in the Western coast, in order to restrict Sea Tiger activities in the Gulf of Mannar.

Jul 15, 2008

37 killed in Iraqi suicide bomb | July 15

two suicide bombers blew themselves up among a gathering of army recruits, which leads to kill at least 37 people and more than 50 wounded in Iraq, today15, at a recruitment centre on Al-Saad base, east of the Diyala, the provincial capital of Baquba.

One bomber wore an Iraqi military uniform, and blowed him self.
A police officer said the victims were from a first batch of men called from across the province to participate in a military recruitment drive.

Jul 14, 2008

Miss Venezuela Crowned as miss Universe | Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Mendoza, Miss VenezuelaDayana Mendoza 22 , Miss Venezuela was crowned as Miss Universe 2008, She crowned before up to one billion television viewers at the Miss Universe pageant held in Vietnam on Monday.

The final five contestants included four from Latin America: Miss Mexico, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Colombia and Miss Venezuela. Rounding out the final five was Miss Russia.
US talk show host Jerry Springer, announced dayana had beaten finalists
Dayana Mendoza, 22, burst into tears when the presenter, US talk show host Jerry Springer, announced she had beaten finalists.

Miss Colombia finished second behind Mendoza. Miss Thailand won the prize for best national costume and Miss El Salvador was chosen by her peers as Miss Congeniality.dayana mendoza the new miss universe

During her interview with the judges, Mendoza was asked who she thought has it easier in life, women or men.
"Men think that the fastest way to go to a point is to go straight," explained the trilingual aspiring interior designer. "Women know that the faster way to go to a point is to go to the curves."

Eighty contestants gathered in the seaside city of Nha Trang, Vietnam, vying to succeed reigning Miss Universe Riyo Mori of Japan.

The show has been a publicity bonanza for Vietnam, where beauty contests are very popular. The contest featured segments on many of the nation's most popular tourist destinations, such as Hue, Hoi An, Sapa and Ha Long Bay.

The programme set has been dominated by iconic Vietnamese images, such as bamboo trees, conical hats and lotus flowers.

"When we were young we studied and we saw Vietnam as a country with wars and troubles," she said.

"But once I got here, I realised that it's just like being in Venezuela. It doesn't matter what happens, you always have a reason for smiling. We share the same will to be great countries. I like it, I love it."Mendoza added

Jul 13, 2008

Indonesian general jailed for smuggling high tech weapons to LTTE terrorists in srilanka

ltte attacksThe Indonesian Marine Corps General, Eric Wotulo , who was charged to smuggle thousand dollars worth of weapons for the LTTE , sentenced to 30 months imprisonment by US District Judge Catherine C. Blake.
The FBI conducted a three year long investigation and a dramatic sting operation using undercover agents contacting a Singapore based arms broker renting a room in Baltimore's four star Inner Harbor Hotel to conduct the undercover operation.

The FBI arrange for him to attend religious services at a Sunni Muslim mosque in a town called Laurel in Pennsylvania and even invited him to test fire the intended guns at a camouflaged police firing range in Harford County. In all times FBI agents posed as weapons dealers.

The ruse by the FBI tricked the LTTE who are also known as the Tamil Tigers to transfer US$ 700,000 to the purported arms dealers , who were actually the FBI undercover agents, as a down payment for millions of dollars worth of sniper rifles, submachine guns, night vision goggles , grenade launchers and other military grade hardware. The buyers were also interested in buying unmanned air vehicles mostly used for reconnaissance purposes and surface to air missiles.

The charges in the case said Wotulo and others conspired in the year 2006 to export the restricted material on behalf of the LTTE, a foreign terrorist group banned since 1997. They cannot either raise money or buy arms in the United States.

"Terrorists must not be permitted to use the United States as a source of funding or equipment," Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said in a statement after the sentencing. "We will continue to utilize all possible means to prevent terrorism, including undercover operations targeting people who attempt to obtain munitions in violation of our laws."

Central to the plan to acquire arms and munitions for the Tamil Tigers was the Aug. 2, 2006, transfer of $250,000 into a bank account in Maryland, prosecutors said. The next month, they said, two of Wotulo's associates, Haniffa Bin Osman and Thirunavukarasu Varatharasa, arrived in Saipan to meet with undercover officers and inspect the weapons that had been ordered for the Tamil Tigers.

Courtesy: defence.lk

Jul 11, 2008

LTTE terrorists attcks a bus | 04 civilians killed in Monaragala - Srilanka

monaragala attack
July 11, Monaragala : a small group of LTTE Tamil Tigers attcked on a passenger bus carrying civilians from kataragama to Monaragala. At least 4 civilians were killed and 25 others reported wounded, at 49th mile post along the Buttala-Kataragama main road.

The injured civilians were rushed to Katharagama and hambantota hospitals.
sources said two women and a 12-year old child were among the killed by terrorist attck.

LTTE is a ruthless terrorist organization fighting for a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. During 3 decades of its bloody terror war against Sri Lankan citizen it has killed tens and thousands of innocent civilians in village massacres, bus bombings, train bombings, suicide bombings, and etc.

Jul 10, 2008

July 10 strike - an overview.

July 10 strike in srilankaToday, July 10 a major strike was held by 'The Alliance of trade unions'.
The intention of the Strike was urge the government to increase workers salary by 5,000 rupees.
The strike was affected by several sectors of the governmental service.
But most of the operations are continued today normally.
Specially government transportation sector operations are carried out today as usual.

the minister of transportation M.P Dalas Alahapperuma claims that buses are run today better than yesterday though a strike condition.

the spokesperson of "The Alliance of trade unions" M.P Lal Kantha claims that the strike was successful as expected and they have been able to disrupt more than 70% of gov. sector services. This is only a initial and first step of a massive strike held in near future Lal Kantha added.

Gov. spokesperson said the strike was total failure and schools, health service and other gov. services carried out without being disrupted. JVP is attempt to cover their internal problems by holding such activities' he added.

As we seen this there were main reasons behind failure of the strike.

  • Different and opposite opinions within J.V.P, the main force behind the strike.
  • Security reasons
  • Government has taken pre actions to succesfully face the strike.
  • there were no serious political support
Currently Srilanka has the height inflation rate in the region.
also gov. intervention to reduce the inflation is seems to be bad.

Jul 9, 2008

Srilanka | digging for oil

srilanka oil
Sri Lanka and a Indian company (Cairn India Limited) have signed an Petroleum Resources Agreement for the exploration and production of oil in northern Sri Lankan waters in the Mannar basin.

According to the agreement Cairn India Limited will commence its oil exploration activities in Block SL2007/01/001 in the Mannar basin which covers 3400 square km, at depths between 200 to1,800 meters within six months from 5th july 2008.

Cairn expected to expend
112 million U.S. dollars in the next three years for this project.
company will be allowed up to 65 percent of the revenue to cover its investment, sources says.
The firm has made more than 30 oil and gas discoveries in India during the last 13 years.

The Sri Lankan government will receive a 10% royalty, a 50 million dollar production bonus, the profit share based on the investment, a 15 percent tax on "contractor profit" and other taxes.srilanka oil

the license will be valid till 8 years.

The whole srilanka wait till they found oils.
they says this will reduce the high inflation rates currently occurred because of fuels.

Jul 3, 2008

LTTE to hold 'Pongu Thamil'in London to glorify suicide cadres.


terrorists have openly held events in UK to celebrate suicide bombers and fund their terror war against a democracy. British politicians attend these events in exchange for money and votes from terrorists living in the UK.

Read More about UK indifference on LTTE activities

While LTTE
planning to hold ‘Pongu Thamil’ event in London to glorify Black Tiger suicide cadres and also to raise funds for war against innocent srilankan civilians.
The Pongu Thamil event in London is to be held on 12 July at 3 p.m., at Richardson Evans playing field. Sources told that London LTTE organizers are holding Pongku Thamil event as a ruse to promote and glorify the Black Tigers who have given their lives as weapons in war.

The LTTE is now arranging to hold Pongku Thamil events in all European capitals to promote its sagging popularity in the midst of the Tamil diaspora.

Impact of the attack on british embassy journalist.

namal pereraAn unidentified group attacked on Course coordinator of the Sri Lanka Press Institute Namal Perera and a press officer of the British High Commission in Colombo Mahendra Ratnaweera on two days ago at Narahenpita.
Namal Perera is a defence analyst and also he is the main co-ordinator of the recently held protests by the media organizations against government.

Namal Perera told reporters that attackers are came by a white color van and attackers smashed windows and beat them until other motorists stopped and rushed to their help.However, the attackers escaped in their van

British High Commissioner Peter Hayes condemned the attack and called on authorities to thoroughly investigate the incident and bring the culprits to justice.
"I condemn in the strongest terms this despicable act on innocent civilians," Hayes said in a statement. He stressed he was demanding a full investigation.

Meanwhile US embassy also condemned the attck and demands further investigation on attack."We are deeply concerned by a series of recent incidents involving members of the Sri Lankan media. A press that is free of intimidation is an essential component of any democracy.
We note the recent formation of a ministerial committee to ensure the independence of the media, inquire into complaints of harassment and death threats against media personnel and intervene where warranted, and hope this leads to a more conducive environment for the practice of journalism in Sri Lanka." The US embassy added.

Hundreds of journalists along with opposition politicians staged a protest at the Kollupituya junction on 2nd July, against the attack.Free Medi Movement says this is only just one case against journalists.

Meanwhile the Newspaper publishers offered a reward of Rs5 million for any information that would lead to the arrest of those responsible for the attack.

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