May 12, 2009

CNN Poll about Srilanka War

CNN has conducting an Online poll on "Should The International Community Intervene In Sri Lanka? "

We request from all of our Readers to Say "NO" to this Poll and forward this massage to every one you know.

LTTE's media network has commenced a heavy international campaigns to spread fake news about the Srilanka issue. We have seen that BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera has published content directly taken from LTTE terrorists official web site.

There is an ongoing discussions about the Srilanka conflict and Human Rights issue over the International community. Please provide your support to iron out all fake contents.


mahinda said...

Thanks for the update.
I have just say "NO" to the CNN poll.
We never want international interventions to our Srilanka. We are a sovereign country.

Anonymous said...


wijitha said...

Why all these people want to crack down Srilanka ?
Srilanka is about to completely defeat the terrorism and this is a purely internal issue.
We not tolerate any international interventions to Srilanka.

havis said...

Not at all

Anonymous said...

NO we don't want any intervention now. We had international intervention for the last 30 years and look where it has landed us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No. Sri Lanka is an Independent state. It's funny British think that we are still one of their colonies. Ha ha ha

pathman said...
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Anonymous said...

SL needs foreig countries when it comes to weapons and so called development aid...then why not take their advice...

madan said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes. SL need international intervention for weapons for some reasons. For same reason they have to face this.

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