May 25, 2009

LTTE announced that Prabhakaran is dead

Today, monday 25May, LTTE acknowledged that their leader has died during fighting between Srilanka soldiers and LTTE rebels. the statement has raised by the LTTE's international Relations head Kumaran Pathmanadan alias KP or Selvarajah Pathmanathan.

KP is top in the list of FBI and Interpol's most wanted arm smuggler in Asia. Also there are rumors that LTTE's next leader will be the Kumaran Pathmanadan alias KP.
Tigers also announced that LTTE's next leader will emerge at the right time.
LTTE international funds are maintained by KP and Srilankan Intelligence believed that he lived somewhere in Malaysia.

Srilankan security forces formally announced on 18 Monday that they have killed LTTE's top leaders including head V. Prabhakaran and naval leader Soosei with intelligence head Pottu Amman in fighting near Nandikadal lagoon, Mullativu.

Meantime Srilanka President Mahinda Rajapaksha requested from International community to take appropriate steps to halt LTTE activities in their countries and arrest KP or Kumaran Pahmanadan.

UN chief Ban ki Moon also stressed that Srilanka's move against terrorism is very successful and International community should aid to support the welfare of civilians displaced in northen area in Srilanka.


dinuk said...

Finally they have to accept that their leader is dead. No leader No LTTE.

Anonymous said...

Now KP is the owner of several millions dollars collected by the sake of LTTE

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Anonymous said...

No KP is now in South Africa.
I have seen in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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