Jan 29, 2010

Sarath Fonseka seeking asylum

After the defeat of Presidential polls by a margin of 1.8 million votes Sri lanka governemt called back the security staff of General Sarath Fonseka. Sarath Fonseka says that this is unlawful and there are possible threats against his life.

General Sarath Fonseka is the main forrce behind the winning war against LTTE by ending 30 year LTTE terrorism from Sri lanka.

Sarath Fonseka said that he is planning to seeking for asylum from foreign countries. In this manner he mostly preferred to have political asylum in Australia. However he has not yet contacted the Australian embassy on the matter. He also said that government will make every attempt to arrest him on fake alleges and stop his leave from sri lanka.

Sarath Fonseka has owned American Green card lottery and he can consider asylum in America. Fonseka not revealed anything about asylum in America but he concentrate on going to Australia or England.

Sri lanka Parliament will dissolve in next week

Top minister of SLFP government declared that they are going to dissolve the Parliament in next week. Srilanka government previously announced that they are going to held the election before the April.

Sri lanka government decided to dissolve Parliament under the hot condition of politics and they seeks victory for the SLFP governing types by defeating UNP and JVP.

However People says that SLFP government will not be able to win the election by such a margin of votes received by Mahinda Rajapaksha. Because government minsters not proved that they can develop Sri lanka's Economy and overall development.

What thing they are specialized is making rumors against opposition parties mainly against Ranil Wickramasinghe using State owned medias. People needs the development and not just kiddies words against opposition.

Mahinda wins srilanka election

Mahinda Rajapaksha won the presidential election by defeating his main opoosition candidate Sarath Fonseka. Mahinda wins by 1.8 million votes margin than Fonseka.
Mahinda Rajapaksha can retain another 08 year duration in presidential position.

However Sarath Fonseka and his supporting parties says they can noit accept the results because election results are computer manipulated. JVP leader Somwansa Amarasinghe said that Computer Manipulation is not a new thing to Mahinda rajapaksha. During a previous election Mahinda Rajapaksha manipulated computer results to increase his voting counts and he said that by his own.

However Mahinda became the president of srilanka once again and he needs to concentrate on Srilanka Economy and Development rather slinging muds to opposition parties.

We hopes he will get supports from opposition parties and will make a real attempt on stopping the corruption and violence.

Jan 7, 2010

Srilanka Tamil Terrorist killing video, UN findings

After the victory of war by Srilankan troops against Tamill terrorists International organizations claimed that Srilanka was engaging in such activities called 'War Crimes' during the war time. There were many unsuccessful attempts and materials presented by them to destroy the Srilanka's reputation among international community.

A one most discussed such issue was a Video footage released by Channel 4, which provided the video by a group called Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka in last August. after a long time silence this video footage story comes back to the light through the United Nations.

Philip Alston
Today united Nations (UN) released the findings about the Channel 4 killing video footage. United Nations's Special Rapporteur Philip Alston raised following quotes in the UN report.

"Since the video's release, the government of Sri Lanka has claimed that the video is a fake.

"Over the past four months, I have been engaged in a series of communications with the government about this video, in which I requested it to conduct an independent investigation.

"While the Government initially refused to do so, on 7 September 2009, it issued a response stating that it had commissioned four separate investigations, and that they 'have now scientifically established beyond any doubt that this video is a fake'.

"At the time, I expressed concern about the objectivity of the investigations, in part because two of the 'independent experts' worked for the Sri Lankan armed forces.

"Some of the reports seemed more impressionistic than scientific, and I have never been provided the full version of the reports.

"I decided that it was incumbent upon me to commission independent and impartial evaluations of the videotape.

"I retained three experts: in forensic pathology (Dr Spitz), forensic video analysis (Mr Spivack), and firearm evidence (Mr Diaczuk).

"Together, the reports by these experts strongly suggest that the video is authentic.

"A Sri Lankan expert stated that there was no recoil or movement of the weapon discharged.

"However, Mr Spivack and Mr Diaczuk described the recoil visible on the video, and the way in which the movement was consistent with firing live ammunition.

"A Sri Lankan expert stated that the lack of audio synchronization with the video indicated manipulation. However, Mr Spivack stated that the video/audio synchronization in the video was well within acceptable limits, and that audio can be ahead or behind video, subject to various variables.

"A Sri Lankan expert stated that the movement of the second victim after being shot was not consistent with the normal expected reaction. However, Mr Spitz stated that the movement was entirely consistent with the manner in which the individual was apparently shot.

"A Sri Lankan expert stated that while wind could be heard on the audio, it was not evident in the video.

"Mr Spivack however described multiple places in the video where there is clear evidence of wind.

"Sri Lanka’s experts argued that the footage was likely recorded on a digital camcorder, and not a mobile phone.

"Mr Spivack concluded that the metadata he retrieved from the video was entirely consistent with multimedia files produced by mobile phones with video recording capability, and that it would have been very difficult to alter the metadata."

Jan 2, 2010

Sarath Fonseka visits Jaffna

Sarath Fonseka started his first election campaigns of year 2010 in Jaffna. Majority of Srilankan Tamils living in Jaffna and one of the main source of Tamil Terrorism. However Srilankan Forces with the leadership of Sarath Fonseka as the ARMY commander wiped out terrorism from North and killed the LTTE leader Prabhakaran.

Last time sarath Fonseka visited Jaffna to declare the win of the war against Terrorists. Majority of Tamils in Jaffna hails the Win against terrorism. This time General Fonseka visited Jaffna to secure the Tamil votes in next presidential election.

Saturday, Jan 2010 Sarath Fonseka accompanied by UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe and JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe with several other politicians visited Jaffna to attend election campaign rallies and meet the Tamil Societies in Jaffna.

The Jaffna tour is on an invitation by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). However TNA has not yet officially declared that to whom they will support in the next presidential elections.

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