May 3, 2009

BBC outrages and Distorts Srilanka Crisis

BBC reports in past years have led many criticisms within Srilanka and around the world. Srilankans considers BBC as another part of LTTE terrorism, as their fake and wrathful reports about Srilankan crisis.

What we need to say is BBC openly supporting and accepting brutal LTTE terrorism and attempting to make fake picture of the international community over Srilanka government.

We have clear evidence that the BBC's news regarding Srilanka conflicts mainly based on the LTTE's official web site '' and other pro LTTE media networks around the world. BBC and 'tamilnet' reports are exactly same to each other. Sources for the most BBC reports regarding Srilanka conflicts are getting from the pro LTTE groups in Lodon.

The question is why BBC deliberately opposing to Srilanka government and Srilankan community. As results of BBC's fake and wrathful reports, Srilanka have lost potential International aids and grants which would used to regain the life of collapsed Srilankan people.

In past few weeks Srilankan government rescued more than 190,000 tamil civilians trapped by LTTE as hostages. LTTE using civilians as a shield to protect from SRIlanka ARMY attacks. However to BBC who crying for LTTE it is just a report containing few text raws, on the other hand BBC can emphasis very small incidents to accuse the Srilankan government and people by making reports spreads over many pages with filthy and fake contents.

On 01st of May BBC reported that Srilanka government still shelling to LTTE areas, by displaying some UV pictures taken from UNSAT. Read the original article of BBC. However pictures revealed that those marks from shelling happened in few months ago and there is no evidence that they are within the No-Fire zone or evenly within the Srilanka. BBC's reports about srilanka mostly taken from BBC's Srilankan correspondent 'Anbarasan Ethirajan', who represents the Tamils and LTTE.

Few hours ago BBC again reported that 'Sri Lankan army has killed 91 people people and 87 injured by shelling to No-Fire Zone.'
Read the original article.

However reuters reported the same incidence as "A pro-rebel website accused Sri Lanka's military of killing 64 people on Saturday by shelling a makeshift hospital inside the last scrap of land held by the Tamil Tiger guerrillas.The military denied the report. It said the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) may have set off explosions near the hospital."

There is a clear difference between the BBC article and Reuters article about the death toll.

However Srilankan government confirmed they have not shelled to those areas after they agreed to stop combat operations to LTTE zone. Government now permitted the international journalists to enter the No-Fire zone, and none of them saying that they have heard any sheling by Srilankan ARMY, including BBC correspondent 'Charles Haviland'

What we understand all these incidences is BBC with other pro LTTE media network uses their full attempt to beat the Srilankan government and people by providing fake and distorted content. LTTE has reached their end and Srilanka says they can destroy LTTE within 30 minutes if there's no any civilians in the LTTE zone. We all know that LTTE has stronger media network around the world based on London (IBC). They all now began the works to spread fake content regarding Srilanka conflict around the world.

BBC now using their full effort to search for evidences that supports accusing to Srilanka government. When they found no such things, they uses fake, modified pictures and other materials mixed with their ego-centric content with full of muddy and filthy words to beat Srilankan government and it's people.


Lanka-raw said...

BBC go to hell !
You are the LTTE organizer in London.

Anonymous said...

To outsiders this “article” does little in putting forward the Sri Lankan case as it lacks objectivity. It must have been written while in rage at the BBC. While the BBC may have shown bias in the reporting of the Sri Lankan conflict it remains historically one of the most objective and creditable media sources in the world. Reporters will often take the easy road by using material that is readily available; the LTTE has been effective at making their “story” newsworthy because they have the people out protesting in Toronto, London et al. (I live in Toronto and all media has been reporting on the Tamil demonstrations every 10 minutes on their traffic reports as a major road was closed for four days last week). It has become politically incorrect for media to attack the aims of a large group of it cities citizens demonstrating so passionately.

Sri Lanka should attempt to provide objective evidence to the outside media in order to gain the support of democratic countries. The statement that “However Srilankan government confirmed they have not shelled to those areas after they agreed to stop combat operations to LTTE zone.” is not objective evidence. The outside media will not believe the Sri Lankan government’s word because of its past actions. By barring media from the conflict zones and only providing the Army’s spin on the battlefield actions the media will naturally be very skeptical of the government’s statements.

D.V said...

What did you meant by 'past incidents' most of those 'past incidents' are reported by international media with bias to LTTE.
Still most international community thinks LTTE fighting for Tamil rights in Srilanka. No it's totally wrong. LTTE is a extremist group. Works are based on racial.
Tamils in Srilanka feels full freedom and all human rights. Do you know that the main ethnic group in capital colombo is Tamils. they maintains colombo central trade hub. All the business run by Tamils for long times.

Sinhalese and Tamils live in harmony Srilanka. Have you heard any ethnic conflicts between Tamils and sinhalese after 1980's Black July ?
1980 Black July is one of the mishappen by Sinhalese. After that they understood whole Tamil community not responsible for racial LTTE attacks. That's why Sinhalese were in silent at mass killing of Sinhala people by LTTE.
Do you can expect such a calm within India ?

That's why we Srilankans say we all forgot past mishappens. the time has come to destroy common enemy of Tamils and Sinhalese, LTTE. So international community along with Int. Media must support Srilankans to finish terrorism in Srilanka.

Srilanka will back gain her prosperity and dignity with smiles in all faces despite of Tamils, Sinhalese muslims. We are a one Nation called SRILANKANS !

Anonymous said...

BBC is really bias for LTTE, and news from them always proves that.

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