May 27, 2009

Srilanka Resolution won at UNHRC

Srilanka won it's resolution on "Assistance to Sri Lanka in the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights" at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva ,27May. Srilanka received 29 votes in favor of the Resolution from UNHRC member countries and just 12 votes against it.

Countries who were supported the Srilanka including China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa, and other African countries. The emphasis here is that votes are mostly received from Developing Nations, Political Analyzers says Developing Nations no more act in Prejudice over high power developed nations and this is a good move to demolish the power of US and it's sympathizers on international organisations and committees.

Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe says that "This reflects that the international community is behind Sri Lanka in its endeavour to rebuild the nation and to provide our citizens with equal opportunities”.

The UN human rights council called on Tuesday for an international inquiry to determine if Sri Lankan government forces and Tamil rebels committed war crimes in the last burst of their conflict and Sri Lanka should ensure the full access to displaced people in camps located north.
But in an unusual move, Sri Lanka itself submitted a resolution stressing its sovereign right to act without outside interference, which then Human Rights Council approved.

Human Rights Watch
The "Human Rights Watch" is deeply disappointed with the UNHRC decision of praising Srilanka's resolution rather than opposing it.


Anonymous said...

This is not true win !
Stop genocide of Tamils in Srilanka !

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