Jun 1, 2009

UN denies Times Online fake reports

Last Friday a leading News Paper in UK claimed that there were more than 20,000 civilians killed at the final phase of the battle against LTTE. This report directly pointed out the finger on Srilanka government saying that Government hiding the truth. Times Online also said that their report is based on confidential UN Documents about the Srilanka final battle.

Thereafter Times Online and other international news magazines highly criticized the Srilanka government and they also said UN should take offensive action over the Srilanka rather than praising the victory.

However United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday denied media reports that the United Nations has covered up a high civilian death toll during the final phase of Sri Lanka's war against Tamil Tiger rebels (LTTE). "I categorically reject - repeat, categorically - any suggestion that the United Nations has deliberately underestimated any figures," ban ki moon told at the General Assembly. "Let me also say, whatever the total, the casualties in the conflict were unacceptably high."

In the last week John Holmes also denied the casualties toll reported by Times Online and French newspaper Le Monde. He said that death toll is just an assumption and no one can say the final death toll.

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