Feb 20, 2009

LTTE Aircrafts Shot Down at Colombo

Srilanka security forces shot down two LTTE planes yesterday night 20 feb 2009 at Colombo Capital and been able to eliminate the Air raid by Tamil Tigers.

After detection of two LTTE planes by the Radar, Security forces activated the air defence system and Electricity was also cut down immediately of the Colombo capital.

First Air craft shot down by SL Air force and ARMY at Katunayake. Military was made an anti-aircraft fire over the Katunayake International Airport and gunned down the LTTE plane. Tiger Pilot body and the parts of the aircraft was also found in Katunayake yesterday night.

At the same time second LTTE plane has droped bombs on Srilanka Inland Revenue department's Head Quarters. The Aircraft immediately shot down by the Air force and it's remnants were found in the premises of Tax HQ. Two people killed from the incidence and more than 50 has been injured.

Eye Witnesses says there was a blackout in the area and they heard the sounds of continues firing in the air. Some says the firing by ARMY and AIR force was seen as the fireworks of Colombo air, Saturday night.
Bullet fire shot by the Sri Lanka army are seen as the army tries to prevent an air raid carried out by the LTTE terrorists in Colombo February 20- 2009
Security forces guard the country's tax headquarters after it was bombed by LTTE in Colombo February 20-2009

Feb 19, 2009

LTTE should lay down arms: India says

Indian Foriegn Minister Pranab Mukherjee made a statement on Wednesday that LTTE should lay down arms and allow civilians to safely flow to Srilankan government controlled areas. Further says that LTTE had done much damage to the Tamils in Sri Lanka and they should stop killing innocent Tamil civilians who are trying to escape from LTTE areas. Currently LTTE is holding innocent civilians including women, children and elders as a shield to protect from Srilanka ARMY attacks and to hide behind and counter attacks.
LTTE has hugely lost it's grounds in recent past and shrinks LTTE held areas as the results of Srilankan Security Force operations. Now they limited to a very small area which used to protect themselves and attack SL ARMY by holding civilians.
Mukherjee added that India will not interfere on decisions taken by sovereign government of Srilanka and agrees with the current measures taken by Srilanka government. The Main point of his statement that we should emphasize here is "India continued to support a negotiated political settlement within the framework of an undivided Sri Lanka acceptable to all communities".It clears that India much preferred to an undivided and United Srilankan State.

Meanwhile those statements of Pranab Mukherjee, has shaken the Lok Sabha yesterday. Tamil Nadu members including PMK, MDMK, and AIADMK made great protest over the Indian Governments views of Srilanka's issue. They emphasized that India should intervene on srilanka government to stop the North security force operations. Further they says that "It speaks the language of the Sri Lankan government".

Mukherjee also said that India government has taken their maximum attempt to protect displaced Tamil civilians of North and continued to provide them food and security.

Jaffna Tamils protest on ltte to release civilians in mullativu

Feb 16, 2009

UN warns LTTE

A report by United Nations says that Tamil Tigers (LTTE) of Srilanka forcibly preventing civilians flee from LTTE controlled areas and killing civilians who are trying to leave the war zone of north.
LTTE used these innocent civilians as human shield to attack Srilanka forces.
Also the statement of United Nations country team in Sri Lanka said there are indications that children as young as 14 are being recruited into the ranks of the LTTE.

UN heavily concerned that one staff member was reported forcibly recruited into the LTTE.
and 15 of its staff and 75 of their dependents, 40 of whom are children, and 35 of whom are women, remain in the same area, having also been prevented from leaving by the LTTE adding that 15 of these children have contracted respiratory diseases.

Most of the reports of of United Nations are based on the
testimony from people who have managed to pass over from the LTTE areas. "Tens of thousands of civilians remain in the "Vanni Pocket," including a large number of children. They are experiencing serious shortages of food, medicine, and clean water, and as a result increasing numbers are becoming ill. Efforts to bring in more food and medicines have not yet been successful, and it is imperative that these needs be met,"

Feb 15, 2009

Massive Protest by Srilankans in London - 14 feb

Srilankans live in London have protested yesterday urged British government not to interfere on Srilankan government actions against LTTE. Sources says that more than 100,000 patriotic Sri Lankan Sinahalese,Tamils and Muslims were participated for this protest at the opposite of the Prime Minister's office at Downing Street.It was claimed that one of the largest held protest in London UK and which lasts for nearly five hours.

The protest was organised by ‘The Sri Lankans against Terrorism’. Protesters demanded that LTTE should let the innocent civilians out from their clutches.
Organizers of this demonstration said that the western countries especially Britain is trying to negotiate on behalf of the terrorists at a time Sri Lanka is on the verge of eliminating terrorists.

Moreover they says Srilanka is an Independence state and not any more a British Colony.
So the british government has no any right to interfere on Srilankan government and it's actions.

Watch the video of the srilankans protest here.

Feb 14, 2009

LTTE attacked a bus carrying civilians

Today Feb 14 morning, LTTE attacked a bus carrying civilians who were fleeing from LTTE controlled areas at Pulliyankualam, Vavuniya.LTTE has used hand grenades and small arms to carry out the attack on bus.A 60 year old woman who were mother of two has died from this attack. While another 13 civilians injured, including 04 children. They are now treated at Vavuniya Government hospital.

At the moment the bus was driving by an SL ARMY soldier, who dares enough to drive the bus without stopping saving many civilians. Terrorist first attacked by hand grenades and then started to fire at the bus from 03 directions, sources said.

This is the fourth deadly attack by LTTE terrorists targeting innocent Tamil civilians.
Security persons says investigations are now carrying out to search for LTTE cadres who attacked the bus at Vavuniya.

Feb 9, 2009

30 killed in LTTE suicide attack, at Vishvamadu

A female Tamil Tiger suicide bomber hiding among a group of civilians fleeing Sri Lanka's war zone blew herself up on Monday, killing at least 28 people and wounding 90, Srilanka military said.
"Two officers and 18 others were killed from the army, two officers injured and 48 others injured. Eight civilians were killed and 40 others injured. Many of them are women and children," military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.
Underscoring the challenge the military faces in separating combatants from civilians as the war moves to a final showdown, officials said the bomber was in a group of people being checked for weapons by soldiers when she set off the bomb.
"We are trying to save Tamil people, but LTTE is not allowing us to do that and they have exploded a suicide bomb among civilians," Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa told .

COLOMBO (Reuters)

Feb 8, 2009

LTTE Sea Tiger Leader missing after SLAF air strike

After an series of air strikes conducted by Srilanka Air force fighter jets yesterday 07Feb, for the support of ground troops advancing towards puthukuduirippu, it was reported that the LTTE Sea tiger Leader 'Susei' has gone missing.

SLAF confirmed that
artillery gun of the terrorists was destroyed and heavy damages were occurred to the terrorists. Fighter jets also attacked an LTTE hideout located 1 kilometer northeast of Puthukkudyiruppu junction yesterday killing two LTTE leaders and 15 cadres. Another air attack later targeted the LTTE bulldozers digging up the rubble from the previous attack.

Feb 3, 2009

Srilanka Celebrates 61st Independence Day

Srilanka's 61st National Independence celebration held today 04 February 2009, at Galleface, Colombo.
Over 4,200 Security Forces personnel from the Tri Services, Police and Civil Security Force displayed their military might. Officers and other rankers representing 25 Regiments, Regimental bands and the Colour Squad of the Army participated in the Independence Day parade.

In addition, 12 armoured vehicles, nine artillery guns, two Multi- Barrel Rocket Launchers, microwave radars, combat radar station, ground and coastal surveillance radars, direction finder and jammers mounted on vehicles also be displayed in the parade.

Besides Navy's Offshore Patrol Craft Sayura, Samudura and Sagara, Fast Missile Craft Suranimala, two fast gun boats Edithara and Udara representing Fast Gun Boat Squadron -III, six Fast Attack Craft representing IV th Fast Attack Flotilla, two Wave Rider Craft, four Inshore Patrol Craft and 24 Arrow Boats or Navy's latest innovation Arrow boats Edithara and 500 Navy personnel participated at a display of Naval might at sea by the side of the Galle Face Green.
Also Srilanka Airforce displayed their air power at 61 Independence day celebration.
Aircraft and helicopters Bell 412 of the No.4 VIP Squadron, MI 17 of the No 6 Squadron, Y-12 aicraft of the No.8 Squadron, two C-30 aircraft and one AN-32 aircraft of the No.2 Squadron, three MI-24 Attack Helicopters of the No.9 Squadron, three F-7 jets representing No. 5 Squadron, three Kfirs from the No. 10 Squadron and three MiG 27 from the No.12 Squadron participated at SL Airforce Air Show.

Feb 1, 2009

LTTE Leader's Luxury hideout found in Mullativu

Srilanka ARMY's 57 division found a luxury hideout of LTTE leader in the Viswamadu jungle.
Fully air-conditioned, two storey underground bunker believed to be a hideout of the LTTE leader.
The bunker also equipped with modern communication systems and high tech peripherals.
It also was fully air conditioned and fitted with a lift, revolving bed, steel framed and bullet proof doors and windows, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom complete with all required fittings and accessories.
Three underground sound proof power generators supplies electricity to the complex.
The roof wholly covered by coconut
Srilankan forces also founds medicines used by diabetes patients inside the luxury bunker.

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