May 7, 2009

ARMY is close to the Civilians Point

ltte last land
Srilanka ARMY today 7, Thursday morning got control of the LTTE's Last earth barrier at the 'No-Fire zone' in VELLAMULLIVAIKKAL area. Srilanka ARMY captured this huge earth barrier although with high resistance from LTTE. ARMY sources reported that LTTE used heavy weapons to stop the ARMY's advancement in the area. ARMY also reported that they lost some soldiers and sustained injuries. ARMY also found a number of dead bodies around the earth barrier.

In addition ARMY is now very close to reach the point where LTTE held Tamil civilians in No-Fire Zone. Asian tribune says it's just another 800 meters to reach the point.
ARMY's 58 division who performed the huge civilian rescue mission now preparing to the it's second kind.

Srilanka defence ministry web site released shocking photo albums of LTTE leader prabakaran and his family. Read the full story


Affiliate Programs said...

best of lick to srilankan army...

Credit Report Counseling said...

Army must destroy LTTE.

riza said...

Srilankan ARMY has almost got the control of No-Fire zone in pudukudu.
LTTE only left another 1 1/2 km area.

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