May 6, 2009

Jayalalitha wants to send Indian ARMY Srilanka to make a separate Tamil State

Jayalalitha said that they will be sent Indian ARMY to Srilanka to create a separate Tamil State (Tamil Eelam) in the Island Nation, if her alliance wins all the 40 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Jayalalitha told at an election rally at Villupuram Wednesday, May 6. We send Indian Troops to Srilanka in order to make the Tamil Eelam in Srilanka, like what Indira Gandhi did to Pakistan by establising Bangladesh.

Jayalalitha made this remarks as Srilankan ARMY advanced towards the LTTE's hold last land strip.


tihaan said...

Dear Jayalalitha.
Do you and your people thinks Srilanka is another part of India or Tamil Nadu ?

Do you think Srilankans will wait till you making a Tamileelam Here. ?

Once I heard this News I wasn't able to stop my laugh. One of great funny thing I heard.

Affiliate Programs said...

Jayalalita shouldn't interfere srilankan issue. If srilanka needs help of india then it will be fair to solve any problem.

rihdi said...

It's another political stunt from jayalalitha.
take it easy man.

Guy said...

To sweet7rock: Yeah right. India is going to invade a sovereign country to create a mini state for Tamils... and I suppose after that they will gladly carve out Tamil Nadu from India and hand it over to this new country... Idiot. Read the news dipshit. They have enough problems with separatist rebel movements in Assam and Naga Land without having to deal with one in Tamil Nadu.

The Lanka Reporter said...

To sweet7rock,
We don't accept your filthy words in this blog. so that deleted the comment.
However there's no so called genocide of Tamils in Srilanka. BBC and International media that works as LTTE's media network around the world wants spread fake information about the Srilanka conflict.
They directly taken the news published by LTTE's official web site and reported with there own fake content.

Anonymous said...

Look at the following link, it speaks for itself

Anonymous said...

If Jayalalita wants to take care of her Tamilian folk, why wouldn't she provide Tamil Nadu citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamils so that they can have a great life style in their land of origin?
Sri Lankan - sinhalese people can live in harmony with any nation, the problem is with the Tamils. Jayalakita, keep your fingers away from our country, I think you have your own problems to take care of...

Anonymous said...

Jayalalita, you can bitch around in your country,
dont try to touch the holy Land of Sri Lanka !

rajesh said...

Yes its not right for interfering in Sri Lanka's issue. Its the issue of their country. And we are a people pf different country, however, you describing sri lanka as holy land, can live with harmony and all is bull shit. If thats true why you have a rule that only a buddhist guy and sinhalese can be president or primeminister?
Why dont you keep it as purely democratic and give equal rights to tamil there?

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