Apr 28, 2009

We not deny VISA to Swedish Foreign Minister : Srilanka

Mr.BildtSrilanka Had not denied the VISA to Swedish Foreign Minister Mr Bildt.
Srilanka foreign ministry officials says that they can not afford too many top officials at this time.

"At no instance did the Sri Lanka Government deny entry to Minister Bildt. In fact, an invitation had been extended by Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, to his Swedish counterpart to visit Sri Lanka in early May," the Ministry statement said.

"Some think they can land up at our airport and expect a red carpet treatment. We are not a colony and neither a bankrupt Third World country."
"We invited the French foreign minister and then the British Foreign minister wanted to join him. We said OK. Then the Swedish minister also wanted to jump in on that bandwagon and we said no," said the official.

"The Swedish minister also wanted to jump on that bandwagon and we said no," the official said.

Mr Bildt told the BBC: "They have said I am not welcome at this particular period of time - they were saying that they can't handle too many people.

Sri Lanka's Foreign Ministry said Bildt had not made a formal application for a visa and his plan to visit the island had not been discussed when the joint visits of French and British ministers were considered.


Anonymous said...

Reading between the lines the Sri Lankan government has effectively denied the Swedish Foreign Minister the ability to further investigate the situation of the Tamil civilians and the impact of the Tigers on the people of Sri Lanka. The perceptions of the rest of the world about the Sri Lanka situation are shaped by stories like this. When Sri Lanka hinders outside media, governments and NGOs from having access to conflict areas the world will naturally assume the worst and rightly will question the Sri Lankan governments comments will great skepticism.
Sri Lanka is losing the “public relations” war with the citizens and governments of the world because of its restrictions which are poorly justified by excuses that “they can not afford too many top officials at this time” or the current security situation. Accommodation must be made and resources must be found to allow outsiders to find their own truth about the Sri Lanka’s relationship with its Tamil civilians and the damage done by the Tigers. The Tigers have being waging an external public relations war against Sri Lanka and are winning not because there message has truth but because there is no creditable response from Sri Lanka. This public relations war is important because if the Tamils are considered political or humanitarian refuges the Tigers and their supporters will be able to rebuild there terrorist cadres and come back to continue their fight in Sri Lanka another day even after the Sri Lankan Army has destroyed those who remain in the area of the “No Fire Zone”. It will be critical for both the government and people of Sri Lanka to be accommodating and generous to the Tamil minority after the current battle is won so that they have less reason to support the LTTE and its cause and to show the world that support for the LTTE cause should not be tolerated outside Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Sweden is another heaven to LTTE activists.
They do all fundings, collecting arms etc. in the Sweden without any restrictions.
Even Sweden government also supported the LTTE on their terrorists activities.
I have more evidence that confirmed Sweden is another heaven to LTTE, second to the UK.

Salim Reza said...

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