Apr 17, 2009

United States ask for an End to Hostilities in Sri Lanka

United States Department Spokesman Robert Wood issued a statement saying both sides must immediately return to a humanitarian pause and both must respect the right of free movement of civilians, regarding current confrontations of Srilanka between Srilanka ARMY and LTTE terrorists.

Some National Movements in Srilanka defines this statement as another International attempt to provide time phase to regroup and rearm the LTTE.

Here is the full statement by US Department.

Call for an End to Hostilities in Sri Lanka
Robert Wood
Acting Department Spokesman, Office of the Spokesman
Bureau of Public Affairs
Washington, DC
April 16, 2009

The United States government is deeply concerned about the current danger to civilian lives and the dire humanitarian situation created by the fighting in the Mullaittivu area in Sri Lanka. We call upon the government and military of Sri Lanka, and the Tamil Tigers to immediately stop hostilities until the more than 140,000 civilians in the conflict area are safely out. Both sides must immediately return to a humanitarian pause and both must respect the right of free movement of those civilian men, women and children trapped by the fighting.
The United States calls upon the government of Sri Lanka to assist its Tamil citizens by halting shelling of the safe zone, permitting international monitors to ensure the safe exit of the civilians. The government of Sri Lanka should also enforce international humanitarian standards in IDP camps, grant visas to international aid groups and permit entry into Sri Lanka of international monitors and media access to those camps.
The Sri Lankan government, as the legitimate sovereign power, has before it an opportunity to put an end to this lengthy conflict. A durable and lasting peace will only be achieved through a political solution that addresses the legitimate aspirations of all Sri Lankan communities. Further killing, particularly killing of civilians, will not end the conflict and will stain any eventual peace. We urge the Sri Lankan government to employ diplomacy to permit a peaceful outcome of this conflict. We call on the Sri Lankan government to put forward a proposal now to engage Tamils who do not espouse violence or terrorism, and to develop power sharing arrangements so that lasting peace and reconciliation can be achieved.

PRN: 2009/336

Srilankan Government Declared a unilateral ceasefire on last Monday and Tuesday to help provide safe passages to civilians trapped by LTTE as shields. However LTTE failed to accept for Srilankan Government ceasefire and they blocked civilians flee to Government controlled areas.


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