Apr 24, 2009

LTTE leader, Prabakaran may escape in a submarine

The General-Officer-Commanding 58 Division, Brigadier Shavendra De silva. has stated that the LTTE leader Prabakaran may escape from Srilanka by using a submarine.

He says that Tigers' intelligence chief Pottu Amman and Sea Tiger leader Soosai, might have escaped from the Srilanka with a submarine. However Prabakaran is still in the No-Fire zone of Srilanka.

This information has revealed by surrendered LTTE's former spokesman Daya Master on 22 april to the Srilanka ARMY.

However a naval blockade was put around northern Mullaittivu close to the No-Fire zone where LTTE cadres still had access to thesea.

"Most of the LTTE leaders are keen on escaping the country and surrender to the Srilankan ARMY. But LTTE leader Prabakaran not allowing them to do so. "

Srilankan Government ordered few times to the LTTE in this week to surrender the ARMY and lay down arms. LTTE leader has not responded to Srilankan government calls and still fighting with remaining LTTE cadres in the south area of No-Fire zone at Puthumathalan. 

There are 613 LTTE cadres have killed by the ARMY in this week while the massive humanitarian operations on the way.


Interview Advice said...

It's the end f LTTE. Srilankan army must destroy all of them as well as Prabkaran.

rehan said...

If prabakaran arrested by Srilankan ARMY the Tamils who suffered from Prabakaran's war, are keen to destroy.
No need to ARMY or Srilankan Gov. destroy him. but it will do Tamils.

sweet7rock said...

hello singalans,you are going to suffer very soon for what you have did to our tamilans,our indian army is coming!Lets see what you suckers can do then!!!!!!!!!!have in mind.these many days you did that with our support,but again our tamilans will do this to you with mighty indians support!!SEPARATE INDIAN STATE IN SRILANKS FOR THE TAMILS IS GOING TO BE FORMED VERY SOON AFTER MAY 16

Techbee said...

No need to ARMY or Srilankan Gov. destroy him. but it will do Tamils.


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