Apr 20, 2009

Obama to cut 100$ million within 90 days

Obama is to gather his full Cabinet together on Monday for the first time as president and challenge it to cut a total of $100 million in the next 90 days. US top officials said.
Obama returned to Washington on Sunday night from the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago, focusing on a plan to save government money.

However the official announcement to cut cost has not yet been issued. However, International NEWS agencies said that it's sure to implement such a plan immediately to cope with the United States recession.

As House and Senate lawmakers return from recess this week, they are expected to start reconciling their versions of the fiscal 2010 budget resolution. The president's budget request is $3.67 trillion.

Here are few plans on how to cut domestic cost.
• The Department of Homeland Security's plan to save an estimated $52 million over five years by purchasing office supplies in bulk.

• The Department of Agriculture's effort to consolidate 1,500 employees from seven locations into a single facility in 2011. It's estimated to save $62 million over a 15-year lease.

• The Veterans Affairs Department's move to cancel or delay 26 conferences, saving nearly $17.8 million. Veterans Affairs also will use video-conferencing to cut costs.

We are waiting how Obama and his government can deal with the recession in next few months.


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