Apr 26, 2009

Srilankan Government rejects LTTE Ceasefire

Gotabhaya Rajapakse today has announced that Srilanka rejected the LTTE's appeal for a ceasefire. Further said that there is no need for any ceasefire at this crucial stage on destroying LTTE.

"It must be a joke," Rajapakse told in response to the Tigers' ceasefire, which the rebels said would allow international aid agencies into the conflict zone to help civilians."What is the need for a ceasefire when they are running away? They should first lay down arms, surrender and let the people go," Rajapakse added.

We believes that this is not a declared ceasefire by LTTE, but appealing for a time period for regroup and rearm in the name of protection of civillians.

The Tigers controlled a fifth of the island in late 2006 but are now penned into a coastal area measuring just 10 square kilometres (four square miles).Srilankan Soldiers captured another village on the edge of the Tigers' territory and freed about 500 people held hostage, the government said on Sunday.

So far more than 150,000 civilians have arrived to the Government controlled areas within past few days.

However the UN , United states and other international oraganizations provide fake estimates on damages to civilians by accusing the Srilankan government.

See BBC video here : Civilians fleeing from No-Fire Zone


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