Apr 20, 2009

The biggest ever hostages rescue mission in the world

Today Srilanka ARMY along with Srilanka Air Force and NAVY has been able to rescue more than 35000 civilians trapped by LTTE as hostages in the Puthumathalan No-Fire zone along the coast of Mullaitivu.

This is the biggest ever civilian rescue mission in the world. However there are about 50000 civilians yet to be rescued. ARMY started the mission at 11.15PM Yesterday by entering to No-Fire zone by destroying the huge 7 feet earth bunt built by LTTE. After getting control over the earth bunt spread around No-fire zone, Civilians were begin rush towards the ARMY in large numbers.

See Video Here (wmv) : Civilians fleeing

UAV images transmitted to the Sri Lanka Air Force Headquarters clearly shows how civilians were rushing in droves towards army controlled areas and at the same time the LTTE too were firing at the civilians to prevent them from entering Government controlled areas.

Tigers initially fired at the fleeing civilians on the causeway using heavy machine guns, however when Srilankan ARMY stepped into the lagoon to avoid the LTTE gunfire, three LTTE suicide cadres ran in to the civilians and exploded themselves killing 17 and injuring more than 200 civilians.

At the same time Srilanka NAVY has rescued rescued 92 boats with over 1500 civilians onboard in the indian Ocean along the Mulativu coastal area. Navy now escorting boats to the Point Pedro harbor and Pulmoddai.

The mission to rescue hostages has planned for a week and started at yesterday night by entering Puthumathalan No-Fire Zone. Since the start of the mission ARMY head quarters and ARMY control unit were too busy with operations. While President Mahinda Rajapaksha eye witnessed the whole seen at the Airforce headquarters and ordered the ARMY to provide medical and foods to the civilians immediately.


brave heart said...

Wish You all the best to our brave Srilankan Soldiers.

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Anonymous said...

firing to own tamils!
that's what they did in last two decade.
now world know what LTTE is.

Affiliate Programs said...

OMG that was very shocking...thank to brave soldiers.

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They are just terrorist.

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