Mar 28, 2009

suicide bomber attack killed 45 in a pakistan mosque

At least 45 worshippers during Friday prayers, killed by a Suicide bomber at a mosque in Khyber,
close to the North-West Frontier Province of capital Peshawar. Sources says death toll could rise to more than 70.

Suicide attack taken place at 30 km from the Afghan border and near a supplying route of Afghanistan troops, sources revealed.

eye witnesses says the mosque was fully packed with worshipers at the time of suicide attack, because it is the Friday worship. The mosque is now turned in to a rubble with remaining few cement columns. So that we can get an idea about the power of the bomb exploded. Bodies could still be buried under the rubble, sources says.


Sikander Hayat said...

People who understand this region of Afghanistan Pakistan know very well how closely linked these two countries are. There is no practice border between to the two countries as same ethnic group lives on both sides of the border and does not recognise the international border. Also for ages, as Afghanistan is a land locked country, all its trade is conducted through Pakistan. Resolving Pakistan will resolve Afghanistan and vice versa so for the purposes of eliminating Al-Qaida, this region should be considered one continuous territory and Afpak is an apt name for it.

By Sikander Hayat

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