Mar 3, 2009

Attack on Srilanka Cricket team in Pakistan

Yesterday march 03 Srilankan Cricket team attacked by around 12 gunmen in Lahore, Pakistan.
The attack carried out by gunmen while Srilanka cricket team traveling to Lahore cricket stadium for the day 03-Test Match, with Pakistan.

Gunmen have used Rocket Launchers, AK47 Rifles and Grenades to carry out the srilanka cricket team attack. Four suspected persons arrested by Pakistan Security forces, connected to attack. and they assured that they will reveal the truth within next 24 hours. Pakistani interior ministry advisor Rehman Malik said that they will complete the investigations on next 48 hours.

There are 05 Pakistan Policemen killed from the attack and several other have wounded.
Also six members of Srilanka cricket including Captain Mahela Jayawardene. wounded, but no one has damaged severely except Tharanga Paranawithana who got shot in his chest area. Hospital Sources says that Tharanga also recovering from the injures.
After the attack Srilanka Bowler Mutthaiyah Muralidaran says their lives saved as the Bus driver bravely drives the bus without stopping. Mahela says that one attacker have launched a motor towards the bus, fortunately it hasn't targeted.


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