Mar 17, 2009

Security Update : Heavy Fighting with LTTE in Pudukuduirippu

Recently Srilankan soldiers captured Pudukuduirippu town and now marching forward to the Putumattalan area in north.

Iranapalai junction Captures
Today Srilanka ARMY captured another strategically important 'Iranapalai junction' From the LTTE. ARMY's 58 division troops captured Iranapalai junction after heavy fighting with LTTE.
So that LTTE has lost another important logistics route and ARMY believes that capturing Iranapalai junction will limits further LTTE operations.

LTTE continued to fire from 'No Fire' Zone
Civilians now gathering in the government declared 'No Fire Zone' in Putumattalan area.
Civilians who escaped from LTTE trap says that LTTE killing innocent civilians who were trying to escape from the area. Today a confirmed report from the safe zone says that, people hugely protesting against LTTE demanding safe passage to the government controlled areas. LTTE cadres have shot to few of those protesters and killed.

More civilians fled
Another 1565 group of civilians have fled to the government controlled areas today.
Some of people killed by LTTE while attempting to escape.


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