Mar 29, 2009

Security Update : Army killed 26 LTTE Cadres

Srilanka ARMY announced that heavy fightings now occurring in northern part of Srilanka. sturday Srilanka ARMY killed 26 tamil tiger cadres at the Pudukuduirippu area.
Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said the fighting occurred around Pudukudirrippu and Karaivamulliyakal near Mullativu.

He also added that ARMY now reaching more closely to the Government declared NoFire Zone, which it is held in LTTE controlling area.

ARMY spokesman said that LTTE is committed to fire at Srilankan troops from No-Fire Zone of Pudukuduirippu, however ARMY not counter attacking as the No-fire zone filled with innocent civilians.

LTTE continuing the killing of civilians who are trying to escape from no-fire zone which held in LTTE controlled areas. Last week there were more than 20 innocent civilians killed by LTTE who were attempted to escape from No-Fire Zone. Srilanka ARMY reported that civilians reached to government controlled areas with the dead bodies of their relatives killed by LTTE.


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