Mar 31, 2009

Microsoft Encarta is ending

Microsoft announced the End of Encarta , its multimedia encyclopedia that started life as a CD-ROM-only product offering way back in 1993. Back then, even a CD-ROM drive was a novelty. A lot has changed in the intervening years, including Internet resources like Wikipedia that tap into the collective knowledge of the world.

Before electronic encyclopedias, most people had to go to the libraries and refer to one or more of the massive volumes. However, encyclopedias of the paper kind began their decline when products like Encarta, Britannica and Wikipedia emerged. Electronic information is easier to search, update and store.

Microsoft will exit its operations of Encarta encyclopedia later this year after losing ground over the years to freely available reference material on the Internet on web sites like Wikipedia.

(Microsoft has lost many of it's branded products because of huge increase of freely available products on the internet)

Encarta websites worldwide, except Encarta Japan, would be discontinued on June or October 31 and Encarta Japan will cease after December 31, Microsoft said.

Encarta and related products still available on Microsft, Microsoft Encarta Home.


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