Oct 13, 2008

What Karuna Amman says

Karuna ammanKaruna Amman or vinayagamurthi Muralitharan former second leader of LTTE and the Leader of TMVP (Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal )
Has recently appointed as as member of Srilanka Parliament by President Mahinda Rajapaksha.Karuna was appointed to the seat left vacant by JVP MP Wasantha Samarasinghe who resigned to contest the North Central Provincial elections.
***Karuna Amman appointed as a MP on the very day Maj. Gen. Perera was murdered.***
President's intension to appoint karuna as a parliament member, may be to give a fair attension to Tamil people live in Eastern Province.
Karuna has warmly welcomed by the president Rajapaksha.
After appointing Karuna said to media that he has rejects the LTTE's terrorism to liberalize tamil people in north, though the democratic way is the best to solve any problems.
Karuna joined LTTE in 1983 and became the leader of eastern.
March 2004, he broke away from the mainstream LTTE alleging that Prabhakaran intentionally dragged the peace talks so that the cadres could exploit the cessation of hostilities to regroup.

TMVP to change the tiger label

TMVP symbol
The TMVP logo looks same as the LTTE's symbol.
sources says they are going to change the title and the logo of their party.
Karuna says the main reason to change is to get the support from people's of south to TMVP's expansion as a major tamil democratic party in the north.

LTTE logo

What is TMVP ?

Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) / Tamil Peoples Liberation Tigers
formed in 2004 by break-away LTTE Military Head of Batticaloa district V. Muralitharan or Karuna amman.
TMVP won the recently held Batticaloa district local council election.
and May 2008 Provincial council election, alliance with the ruling party UPFA.

The Records of Karuna

(by chinthanaya )

1. 400 to 600 unarmed police officers who surrendered to the group were subsequently massacred
2. he was also implicated in the massacre of Muslims, including the Kattankudy and Erovar massacres in the eastern province
3. accused of child soldier recruitment by UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, and others
4. Karuna was arrested in London on November 2, 2007 following a joint operation between the Metropolitan Police and the Border and Immigration Agency. He was found in possession of a forged passport and firearms.
5. Kidnapped hundreds on Tamil Businessmen for ransom

http://slsecurity.blogspot.com/2008/09/pirabaharan-real-leader-of-tamils ?


Sampath said...

are you sure "Karuna Amman" ?
can u belive him?

kura said...

Karuna a former LTTE leader, I don't think he left from the separate state concept.

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