Oct 29, 2008

Tigers drop bombs colombo and Mannar - mission was unsuccessful

Security forces guards power plantLTTE planes dropped 2 improvised bombs in Mannar and Colombo, kalanitissa Power Plant, tuesday night October 29.

The attack was totally unsuccessful and no severe damages occurred. Eyewitnesses says their were only smoke and fire inside the power plant.

Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) officials said that a cooler connected to the gas turbine power generator caught fire and was immediately extinguished by the Colombo fire brigade who arrived at the site instantly.

Also there were no damages from the LTTE light wing air craf attack to the Mannar Military base.03 bombs dropped to the Mannar military base but no major damages were caused due to the explosions. Only one soldier is in minor injuries.

Tigers' air wing has three two-seater Czech-made Zlin-143 aircraft fitted with homemade bombing equipment.

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