Oct 26, 2008

Prabakaran pleads India to lift the ban.

Sri Lanka Special Force unit soldiers patrol Jaffna
Prabakaran asked the india to lift the ban on LTTE to 'fulfil the aspirations of Tamil people'.
admitting that Lankan forces have made inroads into the Tiger areas and were at the doorstep of their key town Kilinochchi.
Prabakaran also says the srilankan security forces have close
on the rebel strongholds and had even entered key areas.
However Pirabaharan Or prabakaran says though security forces
on close proximity to Kilinochchi town, capturing Kilinochchi is just a day dream of Mahinda Rajapaksha.

Prabakaran praised to the standing of tamil politicians in Tamil nadu over the srilankan tamil issue and also criticized the IADMK leader Jayalalitha's actions.
'Jayalalitha had also voiced her support. But, if she has changed her stand now, what could we say about it' said prabakaran.

quote: Chennai tamil magazine-


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