Sep 2, 2008

Pirabaharan, A real leader of Tamils?


The actions of Velupillai Pirabaharan, the leader of Tamil Tigers prove he is real tiger. The only business he knows is killing. He killed Kalvian Kaadu Chetty, the person who named the group "Tigers" and the original leader of the Tiger group

Then Pirabaharan tried to kill the next leader of Tigers, Uma Maheswaran in a shoot out in India . He killed the founding members of the Tigers, Michael and Pat Kunam. Pirabaharan himself tipped off the Police about the then leaders of Tigers, Kuttimani and Thangathurai and their whereabouts. This incident led to Kuttimani and Thangathurai’s incarceration until their terrible deaths in the Welikade jail.

Pirabaharan killed all the persons he worked with before he became the leader of the Tigers. He even killed the last surviving Tiger group founding member Sabalingam who was residing in France , because Sabalingam started writing about Pirabaharan's power hungry killings

After Pirabaharan became the leader of the Tigers, he started killing all Tamil political leaders, elected mayors, university professors and many innocent Tamils who had criticized Tigers. Pirabaharan banned all Tamil political organizations for the last twenty years and finally the international community including USA, Canada, European Union, India and Australia has banned the Tigers, mainly due to Tigers' continuous use of child soldiers and their terror activities.

Pirabaharan also killed hundreds of people who were members and supporters of Tamil political organizations. Pirabaharan killed the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He even killed the Sri Lankan President Premadasa who had provided helicopter loads of weapons and money to Tigers.

Pirabaharan clearly knows that under any circumstances except at gunpoint, majority of Tamils won't accept his leadership. That's why he killed all other Tamil Political leaders, to become as the so-called "Sole Leader of Tamils".

Ramachandran a.k.a MGR, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu gave Pirabaharan more than 1.25 billion rupees in 1985. Tamils provided their support to Tigers at gunpoint only and never helped Tigers to grow to this extent. Without MGR massive financial support and Premadasa's supply of weapons and money, Tigers won't exist today.

Tigers are terror loving trigger-happy killers, created by MGR and Premadasa. Tigers' killings are severely affecting the future of Tamils since the killings created a huge political vacuum.
In 1990 Pirabaharan wanted 100,000 Muslims in the North of Sri Lanka to get out within 24 hours, leaving their belongings and treasured valuables - that was a text book example of ‘ethnic cleansing’. Prabhakaran made Idi Amin look like an angel as Idi Amin had a heart to give the Asians in Uganda three months to leave the country and not 24 hours.

Most of the young people who are younger than 35 years, do not know the history of Tigers. They believe that, Tigers became so powerful, because of continuous outpouring support from majority of the Tamils,

If Tamils like Tigers, why is Greater Colombo flooded with Tamils from Tiger controlled areas? If majority of Tamils like Tigers, Tiger controlled areas should be flooded with Tamils from other areas. Why are Tamils trying to escape Tiger controlled areas, rather than migrating to Tiger controlled area?

If Tigers lift the exit pass system and allow free movement in the Tiger controlled areas, except the people on Tigers' payroll, every body else will leave Tiger controlled area. The only supporters of Tigers are that they either do not know anything about Tigers or gain benefits from Tigers.

Why are none of the Tamil business people investing in Tiger controlled areas? Why are even farmers leaving Tiger controlled areas? Why are Tamils living abroad trying to help their relatives to leave Tiger controlled areas? In Tiger controlled areas nobody can express any political opinions or different ideas.

Only things allowed to say are those that support Tigers. No way can anyone criticize Tigers and live the next day in a Tiger controlled area. Tigers that do not care about human lives will never understand even the basics of human rights. Even the hardcore Tiger supporters are not willing to relocate to Tiger controlled areas.

Majority of the Tamil refugees, who claimed asylum in western countries, told the authorities that they were running away from Tigers. If majority of Tamils who live abroad support Tigers, why do they have to be threatened to collect money for Tigers as reported by the Human Rights Watch?

If majority of the Tamils who live abroad support Tigers, those Tamils would line up in front of the Tiger branch offices to drop off money. The major serious problem Tamils are facing right now is there are hundreds of very young terror loving trigger happy Tigers who know only one thing, which is killing another human. Last thirty years, Tigers killed more Tamils than any body else. Also more Tigers were killed by Pirabaharan than any body else.

Majority of Sri Lankan Tamils are patiently hoping, praying and waiting for a new young democratic political visionary as a leader. Until then, gunpoint Tiger culture and never ending killing spree by Tigers will grow and continue.

By Seelan Siva Aiyadurai


Anonymous said...

ayya, Seelan avargale,
ungal karuthu unmay endral ean iv varudathil 25 K tamilargal London il Puligalukku aadharavaaga Koodinar... 25 K paerum Thuppakki munaiyila ?
Rajiv Gandhi kadhai Theriyumo ?
Karpanaigalil Muzgi Thilaikireer...
puli varudhu...
ezhilan J

kartha said...

Dear EZHILAN.J ,WHO KILLED RAJI GANDHI..Please tell the story..

prashanth said...

lol ...funny guy ..u know y we ar still livin as slaves and refugies ..coz there are still some guys like u within us ... i wont deny everythin that u stated ..tigers past do have some dark sides ..remeberin the past isnt bad but dont get bloked there ..come out live ur present the war is for our freedom ...tigers are fightin fah it ..y cant u just admit it ?? have u ever heard about ché ? the worlds most known freedom fighter ..some do still blame him...when u have tym turn the pages of history .. only a fool (sorry)would ask somethin like y people escape from ltte controled areas ! for those who ignores " those areas are permenant war zone , 2million people are sufferin there, till this date" ....u want more civil victims ?? and the aseylm story was fun too many tamils told the truth to get there refugi card ? if we still argue between us ,how could we convince the srilankan gouvernment n the entire world ? ny way just think about it.. u wont be glad to have ur own country ?? to see tamils win on olymics and stuff ?? for millions of tamil that the dream ..even if u dont bother about others , dont just keep blaming ....but be sure of some thin ..Tamil eelam malarum ,u'll salute the tigers flag ..that day isnt too far

Anonymous said...

நீங்கள் சொல்வது உண்மைதான் ஐயா. 1990 ஆம் ஆண்டு 24 மணித்தியாலத்தில் முஸ்லீம்களை யாழ்ப்பாணத்தில் இருந்து வெளியேற்றியது உண்மதான் பாருங்கோ. ஆனால் 1995 ஆம் ஆண்டிலிருந்து யாழ்ப்பாணம் இலங்கை அரசின் கட்டுப்பாட்டினுள் வந்துவிட்டது. கடந்த 14 வருடங்களாக எந்த ஒரு முஸ்லீம்களும் திரும்பி போனதாக தெரியவில்லை? ஏன் போகவில்லை? புலிகள் இல்லாத யாழ்ப்பாணத்தில் முஸ்லீம்கள் குடியிருப்பதற்கு யார் தடை?

தவிர, 2002 இல் கிளிநொச்சியில் விடுதலைப்புலிகளால் நடாத்தப்பட்ட பத்திரிகையாளர் மகாநாட்டில் இப்பிரச்சனை சம்பந்தமாக எழுப்பப்பட்ட கேள்விக்கு பதிலளிக்கும் போது பிரபாகரன் அவர்களால் பகிரங்க மன்னிப்பு கோரப்பட்டது தங்களுக்கு தெரியாதா?

Anonymous said...

Pabakaran the leader who leads us, lives with in us , there can't be two stands when it come to LTTE, they are the warriors, STILL we have to fight in our own state because of some coward tamils like u, I have no regret in saying this, first u don;t keep a second opinion,
what the truth u know about GANDHI family, how come Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru daughter can be called as GANDHI instead of PANDIT, WHAT'S THE REASON FOR CHANGE TE SURNAME.
dont just critize the LTTE, for a cheap attention , Parabakaran leads the org, like no other party or leader have done, valga LTTE valarga TAMIL.

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