Oct 16, 2008

Tamilnadu Politics over Srilankan Tamils

KarunanidhiIn the recent past Tamilnadu Politicians arranged a all party meeting to find a solution regarding srilankan tamils.
Tamilnadu chief Mr. Karunanidhi said “if the Sri Lankan government continues to ignore the Indian government’s warning to stop the attack on Tamils, we might have to find an answer to the question whether we have to be in power in the State.”
Tuesday all party committee come to an agree that all 39 Members of Parliament from Tamil Nadu, resign within two weeks if the Central Government of India failed to ensure a
proper solution in Sri Lankan Tamil's Problem.

At the same time Jayalalithaa Jeyaram the AIADMK generalJayalalithaa secretary alleged that by demanding a ceasefire in Sri Lanka Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi was trying to protect the LTTE. She also described the recent approaches of Tamil Nadu's leading political party's (AIDMK, Congress, CPI, CPI-M and PMK) and M.Karunanidhi as a “farce” resolution.

She expressed that war in srilanka is only against a cruel, banned terrorist organisation LTTE not against tamils in srilanka. However Jayalalitha says India should not provide training for Srilanka ARMY.

Despite the different views of Indian tamils regarding srilankan Tamils, Recently sworn Tamil Karuna Amman or Vinayagamurthi Muralitharanparliament member Karuna Amman or Vinayagamurthi Muralitharan who was fight against srilankan government on the past, but now tie up with the samr gov. to protect tamils from Blood thirst Prabhakaran or pirabaharan, says Indian government or Tamilnadu politicians only concerns on Srilankan tamils when they want to get some political mileage and they are not genuine attempts.

He also says the recent moves of tamilnadu is because of their elections are around the corner.
if India or tamilnadu attempts to intervene on srilankan issues then they violate island's law.
Srilanka is a Independent sovereignty state.


desa said...

No .
Srilanka doesn't need any outside interventions to the internal crisis.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a video by BBC that talks about the roots of the problem in Lanka and how it all started. The below link shows the documentary:-


Anonymous said...

i guess if india send troops, SL ARMY and LTTE terrorists will join and kick them out. It happened once.Why not again.. the bloody tamil nadu guys were usually humiliated by my srilankan tamil brother. Seems they dont rem that..or is that only for the upcoming elections..hehe wouldn`t be rather sensible for t-nadu`s to ask LTTE to let go innocent tamil people they r keeping as a human shield..

Karu said...

Indian central gov. never allowed Tamil nadu to make strict decisions over Srilanka.
The central also suspect on separatism acts carried out by Tamil Nadu politicians.

surendra said...

Here I observe that terror threats have to be tackled with stern steps but keeping in view of humanitarian ground ... civilians are to be protected

Anonymous said...

Not withstanding the fact that some political feather weights in Tamil nadu are whipping up the jingoistic sentiments to divert the lime light from common Tamil denizens to LTTE, one can never lose sight of the fact that LTTE doesn’t stomach India’s involvement in the island strife. Infact, the Tigers have always construed India to be furthering its own geopolitical interest in Sri Lanka rather than helping Tamils. Little wonder, they made a mess of the Indo Sri Lankan peace accord which eventually led to the assassination of the former Indian Prime Minister. Is it fair upon them now, to expect New Delhi to come to their rescue in the event of suffering reverses in the war?

The Centre government should not be carried away by the saber-rattling politicians of Tamil Nadu and instead channelize its energy in mitigating the lot of Tamil people in
Sri Lanka who find themselves in the eye of the storm.

Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully


Anonymous said...

What does TN politicians think of them ? They are nothing compared to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a country like India and TN is only a district of India. The present president in Sri Lanka will fight with anybody if he has to. This man is not like the woman before him. Further more they have good friends in China, Pakistan, Iran, America and Britain to name a few. Fighting with Sri Lanka TN cant even dream of it and even India may get beaten badly. So be careful. Talking is all right but do not think of going any further. Last time India went there we lost 1000s of our people.

Majid Ali said...

Karuna says the main reason to change is to get the support from people's of south to buy essays expansion as a major tamil democratic party in the north.

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Anonymous said...

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Paul Smith said...

Srilanka like any other small countries doesn't need any outside interventions to the internal crisis. Find the esl enquirer to better your writings!

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