Jun 4, 2008

Sirasa T.V hails terrorism?

It is said that the local T.V (sirasa T.V)
helped some how to LTTE.
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Tamil.4.Justice said...

We are a tiny body of Tamils (Singhalese, or any other races, are welcome, too) from all over the globe got together because we understood that Sri Lanka is important. It is important to settle our concerns. We want to sort out all the issues related to ethnic minorities in Sri Lanka. But if the country is destroyed by the current war, then there would be no country for us to fight for our future. Tamils.4.Justice do not believe that if Sri Lanka is destroyed, or becomes another Iraq, Sri Lankan Tamils can easily settle in India or a new country, which is no longer Sri Lanka but an outpost of a foreign power. That foreign power may be seemingly friendly, but still...

It is fascinating to note the main point of this blog. It seems that Mr. Wickramasinghe, the opposition leader in Sri Lanka, Sirasa/ Maharajah media system, Tamil Tigers and some of the NGOs functioning in Sri Lanka appear to have just the converse of our ideals. They do not care what happens to Sri Lanka. They are ready to put up with the annihilation of Sri Lanka.

It may not be apparent on the outset, but if you look hard enough, this is the truth.

Check the following blogs:



You can find some comical but practical comments to the letter written by Bruce Fein to Mahinda Rajapakse in our attachment to this email.


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