Jun 15, 2008

England unable to ban fund raising for terrorism.

The British have facilitated fundraising for Tamil Tiger Terrorists for the past 25 years on British soil. These terrorists have openly held events in UK to celebrate suicide bombers and fund their terror war against a democracy. British politicians attend these events in exchange for money and votes from terrorists living in the UK. Here is an example: Senior UK Labour MP Keith Vaz speaking at a rally praising suicide bombers: http://www.spur.asn..au/Keith_Vaz.htm. Then the British went on to become the ally of the U.S. to fight terror!!! It is really odd how a nation that funds terrorism openly can go on to fight it. Now the President of Sri Lanka has brought the attention of the entire world to the double standards of the British that has helped terrorists for a quarter century.

The very recent incident is the Pro-LTTE groups using 'sports events' to raise funds.

Under the guise of a 'Sports Competition' the proscribed terrorist outfit LTTE is working on holding a fund raising campaign through British Tamil Forum (BTF) and Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO) suspected LTTE front organizations, sources from London reveal.

Sources also say that the event has been organized to glorify suicide cadres of the LTTE.

The event is to take place on the 29th of June in London.

The UK's Metropolitan Police and Anti-Terrorism branch have been unable to ban the LTTE's front organizations from conducting such events in the UK as the events are announced only a few days before the event takes place and advertising and marketing of these fundraising events are undertaken by pro-LTTE businesses, mainly retailers, operating in the UK through the distribution of leaflets and posters on shop front windows, the Asiantribune reported.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa in an interview with a UK newspaper this week urged the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in the UK to be vigilant of such LTTE clandestine operations carried out to collect funds for the outfit highlighting that supporters of the LTTE were able to raise millions of pounds each year from the Tamil community in Britain, some of whom were coerced into donating the money.

The President reiterated that there is only one kind of terrorists and said "I don't agree that there are good terrorists and bad terrorists.


British Hypocrisy over Terrorists helps terror

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Supporters of the LTTE raise millions of pounds each year in Britain

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