Jun 27, 2008

Bill Gate leaves Microsoft

bill gates
The Microsoft co-founder colossus spends his last day at the office on Friday.
After decades devoted to Microsoft, Gates will turns his attention full time to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation he established with his wife.
Gates leaves at a time which faster growing and competitive computer era.
There are 03 who filled the vacancy of gates.
Ray Ozzie : chief software architect
Craig Mundie: chief research and strategy officer
Steve Ballmer: executive officer at the software colossus based in Redmond.
Gates remains chairman of the Microsoft board of directors and its largest shareholder.
Google and other online industries have controlled lager part of services which Microsoft dominated previously.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system released in January of 2007 has flopped with customers, many of whom are clinging to its predecessor Windows XP.
However Windows is still used on 90 percent of the world's computers, Macintosh computers have grown to more than five percent of the market.

Microsoft failed in a recent bid to buy Yahoo for nearly 50 billion dollars in order to combine online resources to better battle Google in the booming Internet search and advertising.


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