Feb 16, 2009

UN warns LTTE

A report by United Nations says that Tamil Tigers (LTTE) of Srilanka forcibly preventing civilians flee from LTTE controlled areas and killing civilians who are trying to leave the war zone of north.
LTTE used these innocent civilians as human shield to attack Srilanka forces.
Also the statement of United Nations country team in Sri Lanka said there are indications that children as young as 14 are being recruited into the ranks of the LTTE.

UN heavily concerned that one staff member was reported forcibly recruited into the LTTE.
and 15 of its staff and 75 of their dependents, 40 of whom are children, and 35 of whom are women, remain in the same area, having also been prevented from leaving by the LTTE adding that 15 of these children have contracted respiratory diseases.

Most of the reports of of United Nations are based on the
testimony from people who have managed to pass over from the LTTE areas. "Tens of thousands of civilians remain in the "Vanni Pocket," including a large number of children. They are experiencing serious shortages of food, medicine, and clean water, and as a result increasing numbers are becoming ill. Efforts to bring in more food and medicines have not yet been successful, and it is imperative that these needs be met,"


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