Feb 3, 2009

Srilanka Celebrates 61st Independence Day

Srilanka's 61st National Independence celebration held today 04 February 2009, at Galleface, Colombo.
Over 4,200 Security Forces personnel from the Tri Services, Police and Civil Security Force displayed their military might. Officers and other rankers representing 25 Regiments, Regimental bands and the Colour Squad of the Army participated in the Independence Day parade.

In addition, 12 armoured vehicles, nine artillery guns, two Multi- Barrel Rocket Launchers, microwave radars, combat radar station, ground and coastal surveillance radars, direction finder and jammers mounted on vehicles also be displayed in the parade.

Besides Navy's Offshore Patrol Craft Sayura, Samudura and Sagara, Fast Missile Craft Suranimala, two fast gun boats Edithara and Udara representing Fast Gun Boat Squadron -III, six Fast Attack Craft representing IV th Fast Attack Flotilla, two Wave Rider Craft, four Inshore Patrol Craft and 24 Arrow Boats or Navy's latest innovation Arrow boats Edithara and 500 Navy personnel participated at a display of Naval might at sea by the side of the Galle Face Green.
Also Srilanka Airforce displayed their air power at 61 Independence day celebration.
Aircraft and helicopters Bell 412 of the No.4 VIP Squadron, MI 17 of the No 6 Squadron, Y-12 aicraft of the No.8 Squadron, two C-30 aircraft and one AN-32 aircraft of the No.2 Squadron, three MI-24 Attack Helicopters of the No.9 Squadron, three F-7 jets representing No. 5 Squadron, three Kfirs from the No. 10 Squadron and three MiG 27 from the No.12 Squadron participated at SL Airforce Air Show.

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