Feb 14, 2009

LTTE attacked a bus carrying civilians

Today Feb 14 morning, LTTE attacked a bus carrying civilians who were fleeing from LTTE controlled areas at Pulliyankualam, Vavuniya.LTTE has used hand grenades and small arms to carry out the attack on bus.A 60 year old woman who were mother of two has died from this attack. While another 13 civilians injured, including 04 children. They are now treated at Vavuniya Government hospital.

At the moment the bus was driving by an SL ARMY soldier, who dares enough to drive the bus without stopping saving many civilians. Terrorist first attacked by hand grenades and then started to fire at the bus from 03 directions, sources said.

This is the fourth deadly attack by LTTE terrorists targeting innocent Tamil civilians.
Security persons says investigations are now carrying out to search for LTTE cadres who attacked the bus at Vavuniya.


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