Feb 15, 2009

Massive Protest by Srilankans in London - 14 feb

Srilankans live in London have protested yesterday urged British government not to interfere on Srilankan government actions against LTTE. Sources says that more than 100,000 patriotic Sri Lankan Sinahalese,Tamils and Muslims were participated for this protest at the opposite of the Prime Minister's office at Downing Street.It was claimed that one of the largest held protest in London UK and which lasts for nearly five hours.

The protest was organised by ‘The Sri Lankans against Terrorism’. Protesters demanded that LTTE should let the innocent civilians out from their clutches.
Organizers of this demonstration said that the western countries especially Britain is trying to negotiate on behalf of the terrorists at a time Sri Lanka is on the verge of eliminating terrorists.

Moreover they says Srilanka is an Independence state and not any more a British Colony.
So the british government has no any right to interfere on Srilankan government and it's actions.

Watch the video of the srilankans protest here.


Anonymous said...

The standard of English in this report is atrocious. Coming as it is from a reporter in the land of the English Language, it is nothing but pathetic to say the least

Anonymous said...

100000 ???? u kidding? bad propaganda! very bad u know......

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