Jul 10, 2008

July 10 strike - an overview.

July 10 strike in srilankaToday, July 10 a major strike was held by 'The Alliance of trade unions'.
The intention of the Strike was urge the government to increase workers salary by 5,000 rupees.
The strike was affected by several sectors of the governmental service.
But most of the operations are continued today normally.
Specially government transportation sector operations are carried out today as usual.

the minister of transportation M.P Dalas Alahapperuma claims that buses are run today better than yesterday though a strike condition.

the spokesperson of "The Alliance of trade unions" M.P Lal Kantha claims that the strike was successful as expected and they have been able to disrupt more than 70% of gov. sector services. This is only a initial and first step of a massive strike held in near future Lal Kantha added.

Gov. spokesperson said the strike was total failure and schools, health service and other gov. services carried out without being disrupted. JVP is attempt to cover their internal problems by holding such activities' he added.

As we seen this there were main reasons behind failure of the strike.

  • Different and opposite opinions within J.V.P, the main force behind the strike.
  • Security reasons
  • Government has taken pre actions to succesfully face the strike.
  • there were no serious political support
Currently Srilanka has the height inflation rate in the region.
also gov. intervention to reduce the inflation is seems to be bad.


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