Jul 21, 2008

LTTE has lost another strategically important location | Illuppaikkadavai

Troops of Task Force 1 and Commando brigade captured the remote town situated 12 km North of Vidattaltivu, Illuppaikkadavai , by last night and entered the town this morning.

And Sri Lanka army has declared Iluppaikkadavai town liberated ending 21 years of terror rule of LTTE.

Troops have also captured the largest LTTE base situated on Northwestern coast. This base was not a Sea Tiger base but used for other terror and smuggle activities in the area during last 2 decades.

Troops of Task Force 1 has already marched about 2 Km North of Illuppaikkadavai town . At least 15 LTTE cadres were killed during the battle ensued during last 48 hours in the area, and 13 security persons are injured. sources said.

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