Jul 17, 2008

Mervin Silva going to protect journalists

Mervin silvaA one of the popular srilanka parliament minister Mervin Silva is now making plans to protect journalists in srilanka.
What he attempts to present is an Insurance scheme for the security of journalists.
"This would protect the journalists and the media freedom of the country, he said at a press briefing held in Colombo
Some journalists were attacked by certain groups. He stressed that the government is committed to safe guard the media freedom. But certain unidentified groups are trying to violate the media freedom' he addded.
At the media conference he emphasized the recent attack to the ITN (independent Television Network of Srilanka) journalists.Mervin silva at rupawahini
He also remembered that several private media institutions operated in locally and globally always criticizing his activities.
But we know the bitter history of minister Mervin Silva.
He always speaks at public places as a lion and he also believes that his ancestors are came from 'King Dutugamunu'
He was the first member of parliament which gots a doctorate for nothing.(probably using his money)


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