Jun 18, 2009

04 swine flu patients found in Srilanka

Health official of IDH (Infectious Diseases Hospital)hospital Srilanka, said that they have found the fourth swine flu patient in srilanka. All these patients are from a single family members who arrived Srilanka in last week from Australia.

After the swine flu alert Srilankan health officials made a special attention on it and takes suitable measures to prevent the spreading of disease to others.

Government says that they have taken their fullest attempt to detect AH1N1 infects at the Airport and Harbor. However some medical representatives accused the government that Swine flu detectors of Airport are out of order at the time.

Srilankan health minister MR. Nimal Siripalada Silva says that he has taken suitable steps on AH1N1 as well Dengue fever. But Srilanka's Medical Practitioners says Minister is almost silence on these two health diseases and failed to take much attention.


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