Apr 10, 2008

Transport of Essential Items to Un-Cleared Areas Continues

EIGHTY NINE (89) lorry loads of food and other essential items had been dispatched to un-cleared areas in the Northern Province during the period between 28 March to 10 April 2008.

Those consignments had reached areas in KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITIVU districts via OMANTHAI and UYILANKULAM Entry/Exit points.

The stocks contained rice, dhal, dried fish, clothes, fuel, spices, building materials, vehicle spare parts, medicine and the such like which are needed for the use of civilians in un-cleared areas.
A total of 3734 civilians had crossed over to the un-cleared areas through those checkpoints while an estimated 3494 civilians had arrived in VAVUNIYA from un-cleared areas during the said period.

(uncleared areas are in red color)


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