Apr 6, 2008

Heavy fighting in the Welioya Area

WELIOYA: Three LTTE terrorists were killed and six were injured when the Army launched a fierce attack on a line of terrorist bunkers around 11.10 in the morning on Saturday (05) in WELIOYA.

A soldier was also reported injured in the attack.

85 Anti - personnel mines were recovered in a search operation conducted by Troops in the JANAKAPURA AREA, WELIOYA on Saturday(05) in the late afternoon around 3.45. Two soldiers were also injured in the JANAKAPURA AREA. One was injured in a confrontation around 9.45 in the morning and the other was injured at 3.20 in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, seven LTTE terrorists were reported killed and four injured in three incidents in the North KIRIBBANWEWA AREA, WELIOYA on Saturday (05). Six of the terrorists were killed in a two confrontations , three each around 3.10 and 3.20 in the afternoon while the other terrorist was killed and four injured around 4.30 in the evening on the same day (05) . A LTTE type pack , a uniform and a can of "wax " was also recovered from the area .

Nine LTTE terrorists were also reported injured during three confrontations also in the NORTH of KIRIBBANWEWA AREA WELIOYA on Saturday (05) . Two of the terrorists were injured around 4.50 in the evening five other terrorists at 5.10 in the evening while two more terrorists were injured around 11


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