Apr 14, 2008

No one can dictate the freedom to live

No one can dictate the freedom to live....
The choice begins from childhood

Thousands of precious lives have been lost in the Three-decade old ethnic conflict that has plunged the country into misery.

Despite intense efforts being made to bring lasting peace to our beloved motherland, the war still continues' displacing tens of thousands of innocent people including women and children'

Why did this war erupt and to whom does it cater to? Can't all communities live in harmony and can't peace prevail in this beautiful isle? The movie 'Prabhakaran' comes as a tribute to all loving people of mother Lanka.

Prabhakaran is probably the first film made on the ongoing war in this country that devoured thousands of lives.

Who is to be blamed for this tragic situation? The Sinhala or Tamil people are not those to be blamed for the war. They are only caught in the midst of the conflict and are subjected to misery. The film sees the conflict from a humanistic angle. It discusses the story of a suicide bomber who escapes from LTTE clutches and how she is being pushed to that point.

The idea of this movie is to give new meaning to this three-decade old conflict and look at it from an unbiased angle - from the side of human beings.

Human lives should be valued above all. Is this happening in war, be it in Sri Lanka or any other part of the world?


Kamalani is a member of the LTTE's black Tiger unit. She also gets her brother enrolled into the fold. Kamalani is compelled to marry a Sinhala youth, in keeping with an order that comes from the terrorist group's leadership. She marries Piyasoma. She is asked to reside in a border village. It must be remembered she joined the LTTE suicide squad after she lost her parents in the war. But when she lives in the border village she realizes how many innocent people including children are being killed in the war. She beings to comprehend the reality that it is the innocent who are the ultimate victims of this war.

Meanwhile, the LTTE assigns her a deadly suicide mission, but other humane factor like Piyasoma's love and the baby, which she was expecting give her new hope about life. She tries to escape from the grips of the LTTE. In the meantime she also tries to get her brother 'Prabhakaran' to leave the terrorist outfit.

Will Kamalani succeed in her mission to flee the Tigers? Will she be able to rescue her brother from the LTTE? Will Piyasoma lose his wife and Child? The rest of the gripping story will unfold answers to these crucial questions ...

"The internal rift within the LTTE organization creates the base for the story in the movie 'Prabhakaran' . The film woven around characters like Prabhakaran, Kamalani, Piyasoma, Abe, was picturised in real areas where the conflict exists. The lives of the people living in these areas are largely controlled by the war that has been in existence in many facets for more than three decades"


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