Sep 1, 2010

Mervyn Silva not guilty !

Controversial Srilankan deputy minister Mervyn Silva sacked from his deputy ministerial over tying a Government Servant to a tree, a few weeks ago. Country wide protests aroused over the incidence by various organizations and then President Mahinda Rajapaksha decided to cancel his ministerial position. Also SLFP suspended his membership with the party.

Criticisms not only came from opposition but also from his own party and ministers condemned the Marvyn Silva's low standard actions.

However yesterday 31st of August, the SLFP disciplinary committee decides to grant his party membership back to Mervyn Silva and also decides that Mervyn is not guilty over the incidence of tying a Samurdhi Officer in kalaniya.

further SLFP disciplinary committee said that since Mervyn Silva is now removed from guilty, President Mahinda Rajapaksha will appointed back him as deputy minister of roads.


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Oh Mahinda, You are a real coward..

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