Dec 15, 2009

Rupavahini and ITN heavily slinging mud towards Sarath Fonseka

This is an abuse of state run media by government. State owned Rupavahini, ITN TV channels and SLBC heavily engaging in slinging mud and publishing evil false reports against Sarath Fonseka. These State medias are properties of people of srilanka. Not private properties of government Ministers or President Mahinda. They abuse srilankans money collected as tax.

Srilankans even blue blooded SLFP supporters are not accept such a crudeness and abuse by State run medias. They should understand that they exhibit such a wild behavior against a world renowned War Hero who committed the life to save our country from bloody terrorists, LTTE.

In addition Sate run Medias such as Rupavahini, ITN, SLBC and Lake House are the free source of advertising for president mahinda Rajapaksha and his beloved son Namal rajapaksha. Namal Rajapaksh'a Tharunyata Hetak organisation greatly engaging in the canvasing of president father.

Finally we should say that people are not anymore accept the government behavior against a War Hero. People of Srilanka kindly asks from government to stop the crude behavior of State owned media and allow people to take fair decisions on each presidential candidate.


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mightystudents said...

They should understand that they display such a crazy actions against a well-known War Idol who dedicated the life to save our nation from weakling terrorists Individuals of Srilanka generously requests from govt to stop the raw actions of State possessed press and allow individuals take reasonable choices on each presidential applicant.

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