Sep 24, 2009

Asian Tribune Printed Tabloid paper from November

One of the leading Online news paper operated from Colombo, Srilanka, Asian Tribune going to launch their New Printed tabloid Paper from next November. It will be an all color 12-page English tabloid printed and distributed from Colombo once a week.

Asian Tribune authors also hopes to circulate the paper around the world, but initially it will start from Colombo. And the Good news is Asian Tribune printed Paper is come to you for free of charge. Free paper will funded by advertisement and and other one way funds.

Asian tribune or AT claims that they the tabloid will not be an Anti-Government or Political.
"Like AT, the AT Tabloid will be in the forefront of criticizing the authority not with a sense of venom or to settle scores at the personal and institutional level but as a watchdog of people’s interests and national concerns."

We are also wish Good Luck the AT's move to the Printed form.


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