Jan 31, 2009

Galle Literary Festival 2009

The Galle Literary Festival 2009 has begun 28th January and extends till 1st February.
Galle Literary Festival is the first one in it's kind. It take place in and around the world heritage site of Galle Fort.
Galle Literary Festival features writing workshops, panel discussions, topical debates, poetry readings, cooking classes, theatre workshops and literary lunches. By night there are poetry slams, jazz performances, late night movies, art showings and photographic exhibitions.

You can meet Edna O’Brien and Moses Isegawa at the Galle Literary Festival at the following events:
Literary Dinner 7.30pm-10pm Thursday January 29th Fort Printers
Enjoy an extravagant dinner party with Edna O’Brien and Yasmine Gooneratne with culinary creations by Carina Cooper.
Out of Africa 10am-11am Friday January 30th Hall de Galle
Moses Isegawa reads from his own Abyssinian Chronicles and introduces us to exciting new writing coming out of Africa today.
A Private Affair 12.30pm-2pm Friday January 30th
Both Edna and Moses will be hosting intimate lunches in heritage homes in Galle.
Dead Men’s Tales 9pm-11pm Friday January 30th Dick’s Bar
We asked our Festival writers which book and writer they’d most like to hear about at a literary festival. Hear them read aloud from the work of their literary heroes. With Moses Isegawa, Colin Thubron, Tahmina Anam Michael Morpurgo and Pico Iyer. Germaine Greer plays critic.
Literary Dinner 7.30pm-10pm Friday January 30th The Dutch House
Join Edna O’Brien, Ireland’s most famous living writer, for an alfresco gourmetdinner.
Did You Have To Be There? 10am-11am Saturday January 31st Hall de Galle
Tahmima Anam, Moses Isegawa, Sivamohan Sumathy and V V Ganeshananthan debate the role of writer in responding to public crises.
A Life of Reading 2.15pm-3.15pm Saturday January 31st Hall de GalleEdna O’Brien, novelist, playwright and firebrand tells us about hers.


Anonymous said...

GLF is nothing but a FRAUD.

I went for this GLF 2009 day before yesterday (Saturday). I planned to stay overnight and attend some of the Sunday programs as well. But it was so boring and useless that I got up half-way during the talk of Edna O’Brien and left for home. Mind you I had paid 800 bucks to listen to that White woman.

Before this talk, one White guy called Richard Boyle gave a talk titled “Sri Lanka through the eyes of fiction writers and fantasists”.

You may not believe it but it was mostly about White fellows ridiculing our people and our culture. It was terrible. The worse thing was that our people were laughing when this fellow was quoting Europeans writing about our people and culture in their books in a very derogative manner.

This GLF is nothing but a money making scheme concocted by a White guy called Geoffrey Dobbs. Since I was so disappointed with GLF, first thing today morning I started searching for articles on this and found quite a few.

Here they are:

(1) Here is Dobbs the hustler: http://www.powerofculture.nl/files/images/2_%20Geoffrey_%20Dobbs.JPG

(2) Asia Sentinel - War of Words Over a Sri Lankan Literary Festival

(3) Galle Literary Festival – the good, the bad, the ugly

(4) Literary Festival Saps Tsunami Aid…Is that Bad?

wickumherath said...

I also heard some bad things about the GLF or Galle literary Festival.
One main thing I was pointed out is GLF is not making any sense about Local writings.

Yazmin said...

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Anonymous said...

sad, but most of the negative comments about the festival are from people who are just bitter and jelous. if we want a festival celebrating 'our' writers, then we have to go ahead and organize it. no point just crying. also, if you are really interested in 'our' writers, there is the national literary arts festival.

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