Jan 2, 2010

Sarath Fonseka visits Jaffna

Sarath Fonseka started his first election campaigns of year 2010 in Jaffna. Majority of Srilankan Tamils living in Jaffna and one of the main source of Tamil Terrorism. However Srilankan Forces with the leadership of Sarath Fonseka as the ARMY commander wiped out terrorism from North and killed the LTTE leader Prabhakaran.

Last time sarath Fonseka visited Jaffna to declare the win of the war against Terrorists. Majority of Tamils in Jaffna hails the Win against terrorism. This time General Fonseka visited Jaffna to secure the Tamil votes in next presidential election.

Saturday, Jan 2010 Sarath Fonseka accompanied by UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe and JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe with several other politicians visited Jaffna to attend election campaign rallies and meet the Tamil Societies in Jaffna.

The Jaffna tour is on an invitation by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). However TNA has not yet officially declared that to whom they will support in the next presidential elections.


Anonymous said...

TNA has not yet said that to whom they will support.

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