Aug 25, 2009

LTTE's Nuclear access exposed

Selvarasa Pathmanadan alias KP revealed to Srilankan security authorities that LTTE planned to buy nuclear weapons from West.
KP before becoming the leader of the LTTE after the death of Prabakaran, has acted as head of LTTE's International affairs and Fund controller.

LTTE is the first ever Terrorist organization that heading to obtain nuclear weapons.
Srilankan authorities has also obtained more info from KP which some of them not published yet.

Mobitel to spend over $30 million to cover North and East

Srilanka Telecom Mobitel says they are heading to North and East by providing mobile communication facilities to those areas. Mobitel the mobile wing of Srilanka Telecom Ltd. is a leading mobile network in Srilanka.

Mobitel says they will spend about $30m to upgrade Mobitel network in post war zone.
Initially Mobitel will cover up Kandy-Jaffna A9 road spending about $5m.

Chief executive Suren Amarasekera said they are expecting to cover Northen area before the end year 2009.

Aug 11, 2009

Facebook challenging to Google and Twitter

Recently Facebook the giant of social networking has taken over 'Friendfeed' that was previously acquired by Google.

You may also know about what is Facebook and Google.
next, what is Friendfeed and what it can do ?

In simple terms Friendfeed is an aggregater of all of your social networking, blog, and other RSS updates. So that people can have all their RSS and other social networking like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter updates in one place.
And also people can subscribes to others updates and news.

So why Facebook bought Friendfeed ?
One key reason is to become a real time search engine rather than Google's regular search.
another may be Facebook wanted to expand it's services over other social networks.
Also they need to became the leader in community networking.

How it affects to Twiiter ?
Twitter is considered as the leader in real time news updates.
With Twitter people can post what just happenning here and there and others can search these updates.Freindfeed is also has a similar feature which people can do real time updates and searches like twitter.
previously Facebook wanted to bought Twitter but the deal did not continue as Twitter is not for sale at that time.

So we can come to an conclusion that Facebook wants to develop a real time search engine that is similar to Twitter. Hence it may affects the Twitter. On the other hand currently people messed up with Google's regular search and they needs to have a real time searches. Friendfeed will do that with challenging to google.

Aug 7, 2009

KP new LTTE leader arrested in Bangkok

KP, Kumaran Padmanadan or Selvarasa Pathmanadan has arrested by Srilankan Intelligence in Bangkok, Wednesday. KP was the LTTE's International smuggle head at the late prbha's time. After the death of the LTTE leader Prabakaran, KP appointed as the new leader of LTTE.

It's said that KP is the person who fulfilled LTTE's arms requirement for years and he also managed all international funds collected by LTTE, worth billions of dollars.

KP was the most wanted LTTE leader after the killing of former leader V. Prabakaran.
This is another successful achievement by Srilanka government in wiping out terrorism from the Island.

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