Dec 24, 2009

Sarath Fonseka Fired it up

During an exclusive interview with Sirasa TV Gen. Sarath Fonseka revealed that all dealings by President Mahinda Rajapaksha nd Sec. of Security Gotabhaya Rajapaksha.
Sarath fonseka has done few controversial revelation against government and Mahinda.

In this respect Sarath Fonseka Fired up the turbulent political perspective in Srilanka. We will see some strong arguments for and against by various political parties and personnel on Fonseka's comments.

During the interview Sarath Fonseka directly accused to the Gotabhaya Rajapaksha and Mahinda rajapaksha on possible theft of funds and corruptions. He said that there is a large theft of funds of "API WENUWEN API FUND".

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Dec 15, 2009

Rupavahini and ITN heavily slinging mud towards Sarath Fonseka

This is an abuse of state run media by government. State owned Rupavahini, ITN TV channels and SLBC heavily engaging in slinging mud and publishing evil false reports against Sarath Fonseka. These State medias are properties of people of srilanka. Not private properties of government Ministers or President Mahinda. They abuse srilankans money collected as tax.

Srilankans even blue blooded SLFP supporters are not accept such a crudeness and abuse by State run medias. They should understand that they exhibit such a wild behavior against a world renowned War Hero who committed the life to save our country from bloody terrorists, LTTE.

In addition Sate run Medias such as Rupavahini, ITN, SLBC and Lake House are the free source of advertising for president mahinda Rajapaksha and his beloved son Namal rajapaksha. Namal Rajapaksh'a Tharunyata Hetak organisation greatly engaging in the canvasing of president father.

Finally we should say that people are not anymore accept the government behavior against a War Hero. People of Srilanka kindly asks from government to stop the crude behavior of State owned media and allow people to take fair decisions on each presidential candidate.

Dec 8, 2009

Elakiri and Lankanewsweb blocked by government

swarnavahini logo


Jeewaka Edirisinghe

Today one of leading Srilankan news web site has published a news saying that Swarnawahini(Swarnavahini TV) sold to Mahinda Rajapaksha's Brother Basil rajapaksha.
After this news it has republished by a member of Elakiri forums.

Swarnavahini on their live@8 news program rejects this news and they said they have not sold swarnavahini to Basil. Further Swarnavahini said that they are going to take action against web sites that published the original news.

After few hours (right now) when I browsing both sites they were suddenly shuts down.
Both web sites shut down at the same time. It is sure that srilankan government ordered Srilanka telecom and other ISPs to block the and

Dec 3, 2009

Sarath Fonseka For presidency

After a long time break we begun to update our blog again with the recent development stories of Srilanka and mainly srilanka politics. Why politics so important?
Politics is inevitably important for most people despite even in the absence of elections and polls.

However the situation has changed in the srilanka. Srilankans now forwarding towards a major poll. Actually it is the main poll in srilankan politics, which is the Presidential Election. Presidential Election was declared by existing president Mahinda rajapaksha before two weeks ago, despite of the fact that he has the full legal power to act as the executive president for next two years.

The new and most talking political face of the srilanka that is going to present to the presidential polls is General Sarath Fonseka. Sarath Fonseka was the head of the Srilanka ARMY who lead the ARMY towards victory by destroying LTTE terrorists and it's leaders from Srilankan soil.

The attempt taken by General Sarath Fonseka and his followers during the times of bloody wars between LTTE and Srilanka government is really great. ARMY wouldn't won the war if there were no Sarath Fonseka and his courage to win. Political leadership during that times provide great support in order to take courage decisions.

Right after the war President Mahinda Rajapaksha made few adjustments to the ARMY and other security forces. As a consequence General Sarath Fonseka and NAVY and SL Air Force heads were retired and new leader appointed.

After being silent for few months President Mahinda unofficially declared his wish to held a presidential election. No one knows the underlying reasons for such a decision. Government saying the reason behind the fact is 'people asked for a presidential election'. But opposition parties who now joined hands with Sarath Fonseka said that 'President Mahinda knows that he won't win in an election held after two years, so he decided to held the polls little time after the Win of the War.

Now all are prepared for the next presidential polls. Two main presidential candidates are current President Mahinda Rajapaksha and Retired ARMY leader Gen. Sarath Fonseka. Who will win the Presidential War ? No one could tell it before the polls. President says he somehow win the polls and Also Sarath Fonseka and opposition said that they have already won the election. OK we will see who wins the election.

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