May 31, 2009

UK police spent 8 million pound sterling over LTTE demonstrations outside the UK Parliament

UK LTTE supported Tamils demonstrations for last 1 1/2 months caused to pull almost 8 million sterling pounds, said Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson.

Demonstration caused to police force was extraordinarily stretched. "we have to provide such a level of resources that it is reducing policing on the streets of London" he added.

LTTE supported Tamils backed by several UK MP's , protesting outside the UK Westminster Parliament complex during 44 days to now. UK public accused that they are using flags and slogans of banned terrorist organization of the LTTE. Protest also violates the UK Anti Terrorism laws.
LTTE supporters also taking over the public streets around the Big Ben and parliament causing too much noise and traffic blockades.

In some occasions the demonstrators had made uninvited visits to the Indian High Commission in Holborn and protested there. In one occasion they have pelted stones and managed to break the bullet proof windows of the Indian High commission. Sri Lankan embassy has also faced Similar incidents in several times.

few days ago some MP's of the Parliament said that, LTTE protesters were losing the opportunity of other protesting groups of the UK to protest around the Parliament. They also said that honorable speaker should take measures to stop the illicit demonstrations of LTTE.

May 29, 2009

Tigers (LTTE) are back, Beware !

Srilanka's successful Winning over the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), have made a huge painful back hit to tiger sympathizers all over the world. LTTE sympathizers now attempts to come back in to light by spreading bogus news on the internet.
The latest incident is, the Times Online (UK) reported that they have found evidences of killing of more than 20,000 tamils in the last few days of the final battle against LTTE in Srilanka.

The title of the 02 reports of Times Online were "The hidden massacre: Sri Lanka’s final offensive against Tamil Tigers" : Read the report
and second : "Times photographs expose Sri Lanka’s lie on civilian deaths at beach" Read the report

Those two reports claimed that aerial photographs, unofficial documents, witness accounts and expert testimony present a clear evidence of an atrocity that comes close to matching Srebrenica, Darfur and other massacres of civilians.

Times Online Further says "With the world’s media and aid organisations kept well away from the fighting, the army launched a fierce barrage that began at the end of April and lasted about three weeks. The offensive ended Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war with the Tamil Tigers, but innocent civilians paid the price."

They says that they have obtained UN's confidential documents which says "nearly 7,000 civilian deaths in the no-fire zone up to the end of April, with an average of 1,000 civilians killed each day until May 19, the day after Velupillai Prabhakaran, the leader of the Tamil Tigers, was killed."

However top UN officials today said they have not published such documents to public and they don't thinks that the existing of such documents of the UN. Times Online's whole story is based on the two pictures taken at a helicopter, which shows the destruction of the flimsy refugee camp and a more orderly military cemetery, believed to be for hundreds of rebel fighters. So what we clearly understands here is Times Online have taken in to account the deaths of LTTE tiger cadres as civilians deaths so that increase the total.

Here is another quote from Times Online Report about massacre "the arrangement of the army and rebel firing positions and the narrowness of the no-fire zone made it unlikely that Tiger mortar fire or artillery caused a significant number of deaths. “It looks more likely that the firing position has been located by the Sri Lankan Army and it has then been targeted with air-burst and ground-impact mortars,”
Just look at the above time's quaote and what do you conclude ?

A fairly biased report and clear attempt to blame the Srilankan government and it's ARMY.
With an unsuccessful effort to providing a fake picture about the issue to the world.

May 27, 2009

Srilanka Resolution won at UNHRC

Srilanka won it's resolution on "Assistance to Sri Lanka in the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights" at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva ,27May. Srilanka received 29 votes in favor of the Resolution from UNHRC member countries and just 12 votes against it.

Countries who were supported the Srilanka including China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa, and other African countries. The emphasis here is that votes are mostly received from Developing Nations, Political Analyzers says Developing Nations no more act in Prejudice over high power developed nations and this is a good move to demolish the power of US and it's sympathizers on international organisations and committees.

Disaster Management and Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe says that "This reflects that the international community is behind Sri Lanka in its endeavour to rebuild the nation and to provide our citizens with equal opportunities”.

The UN human rights council called on Tuesday for an international inquiry to determine if Sri Lankan government forces and Tamil rebels committed war crimes in the last burst of their conflict and Sri Lanka should ensure the full access to displaced people in camps located north.
But in an unusual move, Sri Lanka itself submitted a resolution stressing its sovereign right to act without outside interference, which then Human Rights Council approved.

Human Rights Watch
The "Human Rights Watch" is deeply disappointed with the UNHRC decision of praising Srilanka's resolution rather than opposing it.

May 26, 2009

Russia Continued to support Srilanka

President of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev has assured that Russia will continued to support Srilanka on reconstruction of the country. Dmitriy Medvedev said this in a telephone conversation with President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday 26May.

Dmitriy Medvedev further said that Srilanka is one of the old friend of Russia and there's no doubt of continued support from Russia to rebuild the nation that destroyed by LTTE terrorists for over 30 years.

Srilanka President Mahinda Rajapaksha also expressed his appreciation to Russian President over the amiable support at the UN Security Council and their support to restoration of peace.

Dmitriy Medvedev also have agreed that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will visit Sri Lanka in this October.

May 25, 2009

LTTE announced that Prabhakaran is dead

Today, monday 25May, LTTE acknowledged that their leader has died during fighting between Srilanka soldiers and LTTE rebels. the statement has raised by the LTTE's international Relations head Kumaran Pathmanadan alias KP or Selvarajah Pathmanathan.

KP is top in the list of FBI and Interpol's most wanted arm smuggler in Asia. Also there are rumors that LTTE's next leader will be the Kumaran Pathmanadan alias KP.
Tigers also announced that LTTE's next leader will emerge at the right time.
LTTE international funds are maintained by KP and Srilankan Intelligence believed that he lived somewhere in Malaysia.

Srilankan security forces formally announced on 18 Monday that they have killed LTTE's top leaders including head V. Prabhakaran and naval leader Soosei with intelligence head Pottu Amman in fighting near Nandikadal lagoon, Mullativu.

Meantime Srilanka President Mahinda Rajapaksha requested from International community to take appropriate steps to halt LTTE activities in their countries and arrest KP or Kumaran Pahmanadan.

UN chief Ban ki Moon also stressed that Srilanka's move against terrorism is very successful and International community should aid to support the welfare of civilians displaced in northen area in Srilanka.

May 22, 2009

LTTE Destroyed, Prabakaran Dead, Srilanka Victory of the War

Srilankan government officially announced that they have militarily defeated the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorism which held more than 30 years of time. All LTTE leaders including the head V. Prabakaran who dominated the terrorism have killed by Srilanka ARMY.
Because of the LTTE terrorism, Srilanka has lost more than 80,000 of valuable lives of Tamils and Sinhalese since the beginning of the LTTE in 1970-76.
Srilanka ARMY is proud as they have able to totally defeat the world's top terrorist organization and it's leader V. Prabhakaran.
Here are the recent Milestone of defeating LTTE Tamil Tigers.

May 18 :
Srilanka ARMY officially announced that they have killed the LTTE leader Prabhakaran. ARMY said that Prabhakaran's body found at the banks of Nandikadal lagoon. Karuna Amman the former Vice leader of LTTE have identified the body and confirmed that it is Prabakaran. Several countries including Japan, China, and USA hailed the success of Srilanka Government and most says they are looking forward to grant the developments of Srilanka.
See video of prabakaran's dead body.

May 20: Srilankan Security forces marked the silence of guns. This is the formal end of the war against LTTE, held in Pudukuduirippu where LTTE totally defeated.
See the video of formal end of war and silence of guns by Srilanka.

May 17 : Srilanka ARMY have killed more than 300 terrorists including top leaders.

May 16 :
Family members of LTTE's top leaders have escaped to government controlled areas. Top LTTE leaders' family members came to the other side hiding among Tamil civilians.

May 15 :
ARMY has rescued all of the civilians traped by LTTE in No-Fire Zone. More than 50,000 has rescued. It is said that half of the LTTE cadre mass came to gov. controlled areas seeking ARMY's protection by hiding among civilians. LTTE exploded their own arm stores and vehicles around the no-fire zone. Srilankans begins to celebrate the success of Security forces.

Now all Srilankans' despite their nationality rejoices the new freedom. Victory celebrations and soldier tributes are all over the country. There are few words we often here from Srilankans mouths these days are 'We are now free' 'Victory with Unity' 'We salute our war heroes' 'Build the country with unity' etc. Not only in srilanka but Srilankans live in all over the world celebrates the Victory and all have high hopes on the Srilanka's bright future.

(we have some images and videos of Prabhakarans dead body and other war medias. However it's unsuitable to show them here. follow the links instead)
See video and images of prabhakaran's dead body.

More Videos
Celebrations of victory
Srilanka Victory celebrations video
Celebrations of defeating LTTE
Tribute to Sri Lankan armed forces
Silence of guns by Srilanka Security forces as the war ends.
Formal ceromony of silence of guns

Dead body of LTTE Tamil Tiger leader V. Prabhakaran

Maj. Gen. Kamal Gunaratne Commander of the 53 Division that killed the LTTE leader

Satellite phone of Prabha

troops of the final countdown

Prabhakaran's personal weapon and belt

May 12, 2009

CNN Poll about Srilanka War

CNN has conducting an Online poll on "Should The International Community Intervene In Sri Lanka? "

We request from all of our Readers to Say "NO" to this Poll and forward this massage to every one you know.

LTTE's media network has commenced a heavy international campaigns to spread fake news about the Srilanka issue. We have seen that BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera has published content directly taken from LTTE terrorists official web site.

There is an ongoing discussions about the Srilanka conflict and Human Rights issue over the International community. Please provide your support to iron out all fake contents.

May 7, 2009

ARMY is close to the Civilians Point

ltte last land
Srilanka ARMY today 7, Thursday morning got control of the LTTE's Last earth barrier at the 'No-Fire zone' in VELLAMULLIVAIKKAL area. Srilanka ARMY captured this huge earth barrier although with high resistance from LTTE. ARMY sources reported that LTTE used heavy weapons to stop the ARMY's advancement in the area. ARMY also reported that they lost some soldiers and sustained injuries. ARMY also found a number of dead bodies around the earth barrier.

In addition ARMY is now very close to reach the point where LTTE held Tamil civilians in No-Fire Zone. Asian tribune says it's just another 800 meters to reach the point.
ARMY's 58 division who performed the huge civilian rescue mission now preparing to the it's second kind.

Srilanka defence ministry web site released shocking photo albums of LTTE leader prabakaran and his family. Read the full story

May 6, 2009

Jayalalitha wants to send Indian ARMY Srilanka to make a separate Tamil State

Jayalalitha said that they will be sent Indian ARMY to Srilanka to create a separate Tamil State (Tamil Eelam) in the Island Nation, if her alliance wins all the 40 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Jayalalitha told at an election rally at Villupuram Wednesday, May 6. We send Indian Troops to Srilanka in order to make the Tamil Eelam in Srilanka, like what Indira Gandhi did to Pakistan by establising Bangladesh.

Jayalalitha made this remarks as Srilankan ARMY advanced towards the LTTE's hold last land strip.

May 3, 2009

BBC outrages and Distorts Srilanka Crisis

BBC reports in past years have led many criticisms within Srilanka and around the world. Srilankans considers BBC as another part of LTTE terrorism, as their fake and wrathful reports about Srilankan crisis.

What we need to say is BBC openly supporting and accepting brutal LTTE terrorism and attempting to make fake picture of the international community over Srilanka government.

We have clear evidence that the BBC's news regarding Srilanka conflicts mainly based on the LTTE's official web site '' and other pro LTTE media networks around the world. BBC and 'tamilnet' reports are exactly same to each other. Sources for the most BBC reports regarding Srilanka conflicts are getting from the pro LTTE groups in Lodon.

The question is why BBC deliberately opposing to Srilanka government and Srilankan community. As results of BBC's fake and wrathful reports, Srilanka have lost potential International aids and grants which would used to regain the life of collapsed Srilankan people.

In past few weeks Srilankan government rescued more than 190,000 tamil civilians trapped by LTTE as hostages. LTTE using civilians as a shield to protect from SRIlanka ARMY attacks. However to BBC who crying for LTTE it is just a report containing few text raws, on the other hand BBC can emphasis very small incidents to accuse the Srilankan government and people by making reports spreads over many pages with filthy and fake contents.

On 01st of May BBC reported that Srilanka government still shelling to LTTE areas, by displaying some UV pictures taken from UNSAT. Read the original article of BBC. However pictures revealed that those marks from shelling happened in few months ago and there is no evidence that they are within the No-Fire zone or evenly within the Srilanka. BBC's reports about srilanka mostly taken from BBC's Srilankan correspondent 'Anbarasan Ethirajan', who represents the Tamils and LTTE.

Few hours ago BBC again reported that 'Sri Lankan army has killed 91 people people and 87 injured by shelling to No-Fire Zone.'
Read the original article.

However reuters reported the same incidence as "A pro-rebel website accused Sri Lanka's military of killing 64 people on Saturday by shelling a makeshift hospital inside the last scrap of land held by the Tamil Tiger guerrillas.The military denied the report. It said the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) may have set off explosions near the hospital."

There is a clear difference between the BBC article and Reuters article about the death toll.

However Srilankan government confirmed they have not shelled to those areas after they agreed to stop combat operations to LTTE zone. Government now permitted the international journalists to enter the No-Fire zone, and none of them saying that they have heard any sheling by Srilankan ARMY, including BBC correspondent 'Charles Haviland'

What we understand all these incidences is BBC with other pro LTTE media network uses their full attempt to beat the Srilankan government and people by providing fake and distorted content. LTTE has reached their end and Srilanka says they can destroy LTTE within 30 minutes if there's no any civilians in the LTTE zone. We all know that LTTE has stronger media network around the world based on London (IBC). They all now began the works to spread fake content regarding Srilanka conflict around the world.

BBC now using their full effort to search for evidences that supports accusing to Srilanka government. When they found no such things, they uses fake, modified pictures and other materials mixed with their ego-centric content with full of muddy and filthy words to beat Srilankan government and it's people.

May 1, 2009

LTTE's Armour plated truck

Srilanka ARMY got the control of LTTE's improvised armour-plated six-wheel truck on tuesday afternoon. ARMY says that LTTE used this high security bullet proof truck to transport top level LTTE leaders.

The frontal section of the vehicle is same as modern electric train with built in high power antenna. ARMY has found empty biscuit wrappers and water bottles inside the truck.

Hacker attack to Srilanka ARMY Web site

Today 01/may 2009 morning Srilanka ARMY official web site ( hacked by a group, said LTTE propagandists. The attacker have modified and replaced some pictures of the web site and attempted to distort some of the information published by the site.

Srilanka ARMY officials said the hacker changed some of the information regarding Srilanka Governments humenitarian missions of resuing Tamil civilians.

The damage to the web site has reduced as the web site authors taken necessary steps to bring back it immediately. However no evidence found yet about the hacker. web site is currently inactive at this moment

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