Apr 22, 2009

Hostages Rescue mission continues successfully

The largest ever hostages civilians rescue mission undertaken by the Srilankan security forces now successfully continues. To date over 100,000 civilians fled from No-Fire zone to government controlled areas. there were over 40,000 has moved to the protected areas on the first day of the mission started. They were crossed the Nandikadal lagoon on large numbers.

Civilians fleeing to the other side of the No-Fire zone with facing deadly risk of the LTTE. So far for the 02 days LTTE has killed over 50 Tamil innocent civilians who were attempted to escape from No-Fire Zone.

However Civilians moves like a flood in large numbers facing LTTE restrictions. Troops of 58 Division since 6 AM on Monday (Apr 20) to 8.30, 23 Wednesday have rescued a total of 83,429 hostages. Among them were 31,017 children, 27,990 women and 24,422 men.

The LTTE now cornered to narrow border of land in the No-Fire Zone. which covered one side by the Indian Ocean and other side from the Nandikadal Lagoon. It is said that Prabakaran the brutal killer hiding in this narrow strip among civilians. Troops of the 53 Division now heading towards Vellaimullaivaikkal from the West had day long clashes with the terrorists in the Puthukkudduyiruppu East area.


Affiliate Programs said...

India is going to help all tamil who are leaving their town.

Real Estate News said...

Where is prabhakaran?
I think, He has escaped from srilanka.

Lankan pro said...

Sinhalese are the best friend of Srilankan Tamils.
Why I say that I live in srilanka.
Most Recent Srilankan Leaders have
changed Sinhalese minds, so that I think sinhalese will never offensive Tamils again. That's why Sinhalese were silent when LTTE killing more than 500 of Sinhalese People alone for the last 08-09 months.

Sinhalese around the Island now largely organized, mainly Buddhist monks and other Organisations to provide foods, clothes and other essential items to those who escaped from brutal LTTE clutches.
People who leaved from LTTE lands to the government controlled areas says they got huge resistance from LTTE and LTTE was nearly killing 10-12 Tamils everyday who were trying to escape from their lands.

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